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Holidays mean Faire Isle!

Written by Sarah. Posted in knits

I’m knitting like crazy for the holidays and right now it’s all about Faire Isle! I’m working on a dog sweater…pictures of the finished product are coming soon!

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Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Written by Sarah. Posted in baking

I tried this recipe for Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter icing last week and I think it might be the best thing I’ve ever baked. It’s a Martha recipe so it’s great but it was so simple to make and I was knee deep in cookies!

Next time, for sure, I’m going to make half the amount of icing and I will probably try to assemble them like whoopie pies since those are adorable and the cookies were moist and cakey like the sandwiches. I didn’t have enough evaporated milk so I used a splash of soy milk in the icing. It worked great.

I wish I could be baking now but with Chanukah coming up quickly, I’ve got to get my gifts knit and wrapped in just 5 days!

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Warm Up America!

Written by Sarah. Posted in knits

Lion Brand Yarn Studio is one of my favorite yarn stores in Manhattan. I’ve been making a lot of trips there with the holidays coming up. It’s kind of unavoidable this time of year. Ending tomorrow is their Warm Up America donation. I made a few 7″x9″ which will be turned into an afghan that will be donated to Warm Up America. I love donating like this because it not only feels great to give but it’s a wonderful stash buster. I’ve got yarn all over my tiny apartment and Jon’s!

And, on top of all that, LBY Studio is giving 20% off coupons to everyone that donates squares. So, of course, I had to buy a few (read: a ton) balls of angora merino for some holiday projects I’ve got going on.

Join Lion Brand on December 12th for their Joining Party. Help put all of the afghans together and score a 20% off coupon!

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First post: Birthday Sweater

Written by Sarah. Posted in knits

I recently finished this sweater for Jon’s birthday and I think he looks great in it! The pattern is from Erika Knight’s Men’s Knits which is such a beautiful book. The navy rows are a special pattern of 2, 14, and 10 which represent our anniversary, February 14th.

It took a long time to finish on size 3 needles and I finished half of it without him knowing. Anyway, I’m so proud of it and I’m excited to keep him warm!

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Casting on…

Written by Sarah. Posted in Uncategorized

Finally got around to starting my knitting blog. I’m very excited to have a place to share my projects and all of the fantastic stuff I’ve been up to. Enjoy!