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For your Viewing Pleasure: The Noisettes

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What a crazy week! I am just swamped over here. I don’t even remember the last time I picked up my needles. Despite that, I’m very happy. But you’ll have to excuse my exhaustion. Instead, please except this really fabulous music video. The Noisettes are awesome and I love this old school sound.

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!


Blog Spotlight: Eat. Pray. Israel.

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This week I want to tell you about Brinley’s extraordinary travels! Brin’s older brother is one of my best friends and their family has had some awesome adventures, spending time in China and back-packing across Europe.

Brinley is blogging about her trip through Israel. Now she is in Africa, working hard in the sun, teaching children English, craving a shower, and making the world a more beautiful place. Her stories are really inspiring and her photos look like she is having an amazing time. She’s a redhead in the Promised Land. We need more of those!

Check out Brin’s blog Eat. Pray. Israel. and leave her a comment!

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Perfect Gifts: Brown Leather Satchel

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Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! Today, you are all my Valentine’s. And I feel so lucky to have you all. I wish I could send you all a box of chocolates!

I am totally in love with the bag I got Jon for our anniversary. I want to show it off to everyone. I was worried it wouldn’t come in time so I ordered it a month in advance. Good thing, too! It came only one week early and gave me a sigh of relief.

The bag is from Goldenponies’ Etsy store. She is located in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was made by hand, to order, so I’m hoping there is a lot of love in it.

Jon has wanted a leather messenger bag since we started seeing each other. We’ve been looking for a bag for a while that is stylish and functional but most of them have been a little pricey. This was perfect.

Go see Goldenponies’ store. There are some really awesome handmade leather oxfords on there. Very affordable!

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WIP: Afghan undersides

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Last week I was talking a lot about those ends. Each square on the afghan has anywhere from two to ten ends. And they all need to be woven in. It’s driving me a little nutty. Weaving in ends is the WORST part of knitting. I’m pretty sure that statistics show that every knitter dreads this process (leave me a comment if you disagree! I’d love to meet you).

This week, I just wanted to show you how the wrong side of the afghan looks. It’s the part of the knitting people rarely display on the internet. I’m always curious to see what the wrong side looks like. I want to know how neat other knitters keep theirs. Sometimes I look at my wrong sides and think, “The right side is nice but this back side is a disaster!” I imagine that knitters with more skill, patience, and experience than myself have fantastic wrong sides with clean seams and perfectly reversed faire isle.

Anyway, my wrong side is not so awful here. I’m not trying to scare you. But I’m definitely pleased with the intarsia between the colors. I was confused when I started because, honestly, I can’t remember the last time I knit anything in garter stitch let alone with multiple colors. I looked for some examples of garter stitch intarsia and I found one but I’ll share my own wrong side in case you’re curious too.

I haven’t been able to knit that much this week with my new job. It’s been so busy and exhausting getting into the new routine but I’m very happy there and it’s a lot of fun. That being said, I’m going to go drink coffee and knit!

Check out my other posts about the afghan, in case you missed it here!

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V-Day Want!

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All I want for Valentine’s Day is…

to go back to Paris like this video (via Nikki Rappaport)

to wear this bag to a romantic brunch (from Kate Spade New York)

to make these adorable valentines! (via Black*Eiffel)

to have macarons even in the bath! (from KC Soaps)

to hang this print on my wall for a less traditional V-day (from The Black Apple)

photo from Sandra at SoCake

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Valentine’s Day is Coming!

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Valentine’s Day is coming! Usually I am a cynical hater but this year I am a real romantic. This V-day is my one year anniversary with Jon. Even though I have to work Monday and we have an exam in the afternoon, Jon is planning something really fun and candle-lit. Actually, it’ll be a surprise to me so I can’t wait!

In the mean time, get yourself in a romantic mood with this adorable video by Kinga Burza for Kate Spade New York. It was floating around the web over the weekend so I wanted to share it closer to the big day. I love advertisements disguised as art. I think most people are against that idea because it sounds a little conniving but why can’t ads get our attention from being beautiful rather than obnoxious?


photo by Peter Combe via Things Organized Neatly

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Super Simple Screenprinting

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Jon was cruising LifeHacker this weekend. It’s such a fantastic, tech-savy DIY blog. It’s like crafting for nerdy boys. I’m a fan. I made him watch this instructional video. If I ever have a kid, I think she’ll be bubbly, clever, and creative like Mini-Maker Sylvia. She reminds me of the title character of B’s film Dot, which is now making the festival rounds.

Featured on Make’s online magazine, Sylvia shares how to screen print using budget-friendly tools. It’s so easy a kid can do it.

I haven’t tried this DIY yet but it looks like so much fun. As a big stencil-er in high school, I’ve always aspired to screen printing. Once things die down with work and redecorating (update about that coming soon), I will attempt this project. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy the adorable video.

I’d love to see some other home-grown screen prints. Anybody have one?

photo by ATOZ

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Andrew Escoto: Last Night Color(ed)

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Happy Monday, everybody! I hope you all survived the weekend.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my amazingly talented and fantastically dressed friend Kristen and urged you all to check out her art. If you haven’t yet, you’d better get started clicking! And immediate after doing that, you should be checking out Andrew’s blog. Andrew (seen above sporting a fab paper mustache) is Kristen’s other half and together they are inspiring some really rad artwork including these photos.

Enjoy the fun, party people!

I’m starting my new job tomorrow! It’s official! I’m a grown up!

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Garter Stitch Seams

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Happy weekend everyone! The weather here is pretty crummy as usual. I hope you’re all splashing in puddles!

I wanted to pick up on something I mentioned yesterday. When I started putting together my afghan, I realized that I didn’t know exactly how to cleanly and invisibly sew it all together. It’s really embarrassing to admit that I’ve been knitting for almost eight years now with sloppy seams. So don’t tell anyone! But it’s not every day that you seam in garter stitch. I certainly hadn’t done it before.

The seams in my afghan, as I mentioned earlier, weren’t simple and straightforward. They really were all different combinations and by that I mean all of the rows I was trying to sew together were headed in different directions.

Now, I think that YouTube is the second best resource for knitters (Ravelry being the first, OF COURSE) so that’s where I headed. I know it’s possible to learn how to knit through pictures and books (I certainly have picked up some techniques and stitches that way, don’t get me wrong) but knitting has been passed down since the Egyptians invented it (at least that’s what Wikipedia says) by one knitter showing someone else; physically showing them to put the needle in the loop, bring the yarn around the back and in between, put the point down through the loop and pull off the needle. It’s like old folktales that were once passed down over campfires and family meals. The internet really seems like the antithesis of this concept but here I am, learning how to seam from a master! That’s downright old fashioned.

Pretty cool.

Anyway, I think I was rambling there but I’d really like to share with you this video from Domiknitrix doing a crazy seam like the one that I used in my afghan. Hers is actually the under arm seam of a Tomten jacket (like Jared Flood’s adult tomten) but it connects two pieces that seam to be mis-matched.

I hope this helps! Check out her other videos for more seaming advice and some other cool instructional videos (intarsia!).

And I hope somewhere out there, there is another knitter that is embarrassed to admit she has awful seams. You’re not alone!

(photo by knitkid)

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WIP: Afghan Halfway Point!

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Wow! So it’s really all happening. I thought this process would be a lot more frustrating and arduous but it has been really pleasant and beautiful. It’s coming together so quickly, I can’t believe it!

Last week I knit the bigger squares that you saw in my last post. Once I had a good stack of them, I decided to start putting the pieces together. I was reading about this pattern on Ravelry and after hearing how other knitters were spending an eternity weaving ends in, I thought that I should get started.

Putting the pattern together has been pretty simple. It’s required a lot of seaming research on my part. It’s not just about sewing garter stitched pieces together but most of the time rows face different directions and I have to put them together differently than just doing an invisible seam. (I’m definitely going to have to post about that because I felt like I was a little in the dark about it all.)

I’m really glad I started putting this together early on. It’s really exciting to watch the whole thing grow and doing it a little at a time is so much easier to swallow.

This is where I was last week.

Doesn’t look like much.

This is after another week of non-stop stitching.

But, oh my goodness, so many ends! Each color has two ends that I’m weaving in, not to mention when I’ve changed to a new skein of yarn! I’m a weaving-in machine! I’ll have to show you a picture of the wrong side so you can see how crazy everything looks. It’s a bit of organized chaos.

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with these colors in Berroco Vintage?!

I’m also having a blast keeping track of this as a WIP. I’m usually really bad at taking the photos and making notes but it is great to have a place to update. Here we are at the halfway mark! It’s really come together well. I’m so excited by the progress! I’ve probably spent about 3 hours seaming but look at how lovely it is!

Alright, darlings. I start my new job next week and I am very excited! In the mean time, I’m going to get things all set up here to stay ahead of the curve and keep blogging! Wish me luck! And have a happy weekend!

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