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How delicious does that look! I’m pretty impressed with myself that I made it. Yesterday, while getting my mind off of the internet, I decided to finally make the baklava I’ve been dying to try out since I had a Good Eats marathon with Jon. I’ve had the phyllo dough sitting in the freezer for a few weeks with little determination to find the lid to the food processor.

Anyway, two things about Alton Brown’s baklava which will now be going into my list of favorite recipes.

First, I probably would never have tried making baklava a few years ago which is silly. Living in the city, I’ve been able to try out all kinds of foods and it’s fun to have harder to find ingredients right around the corner. (I know exactly where to go for Asian specialty foods!) Also, Jon’s family’s international background has introduced me to even more delicious foods I am now craving even though I can’t pronounce all of them properly.


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Viral and Adorable.

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So I had a fantastical post planned for today but I decided to take the day to clear my mind. Life hasn't been too busy recently but it's about to get crazy. Instead, let's go with something whimsical.

This Volkswagen commercial is making its way around the internet. I think it is really adorable. And it reminds me of Alex Brown's "Sad Vader".

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Seen what’s been bouncing around the blogosphere recently? I’ve got some of my favorites in case you missed them!

I want!

to wear this dramatic necklace! (from Design Theory’s etsy shop)

to hang one of these beautiful Pantone out of prints on my wall! (seen on sodapopgirl)

to tackle this astrological diy (from Design*Sponge)

to give a gift worthy of one of these fantastic tags (seen on A Cup of Jo)


to throw a Paris party like stephmodo’s.