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Want! Yarn.

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I’ve been a busy bee this week (for more specifics, check out my post on The Burgerlution’s blog!) (oh and it’s only Monday). But I have finally had time to sit down and knit. It feels wonderful. I’ve missed you, beautiful afghan squares.

I’ve also had enough time to read Brooklyn Tweed’s gorgeous blog and reignite my flame for his absolutely yummy and unbelievably gorgeous Shelter yarn. I know I’ve mentioned it before. I was dying to knit my afghan with it but I couldn’t justify the price. (By that I mean I was far too impatient to save enough money for it so I went with something I could afford with my Christmas money.)

(photo from the Brooklyn Tweed blog’s mill tour)

But now I need this yarn. I am salivating over it. I check Ravelry for pictures of other projects knit with it. I wonder about what color would look best on me. I’m basically having a love affair with Jared Flood’s American-made yarn and I think the only cure is making this fantastic cardigan by Nancy Eiseman in either Hayloft or Tent…or Homemade Jam. Or Wool Socks.

I do not have a problem.

I am adding this cardigan to my knitting queue which is growing rapidly. I am going to save up and be a good girl so I can have this amazing cardigan and put my rabid obsession for this yarn to rest. Or so I hope.

I am also going to take my lunch hour at Purl Soho, rubbing my face in the different colors so I can finally choose which one to commit to.

I don’t have a problem.

(featured photo by Tara Landry)

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The Burgerlution

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Vegetarians, I apologize. This post is about the pure carnivorous deliciousness of the American dietary staple: The Hamburger. I promised I would tell you what I was up to, this is it.

Recently, Jon and I have been on a quest to find the most delicious burgers in the New York City area. I’ve mentioned his project before but we’ve come a long way over the past few months. Jon and I are making a documentary about the evolution of the hamburger and it’s called The Burgerlution. He’s writing a really fun blog about all of the burgers he’s been trying out.  We spend a lot of time eating burgers these days and I think I’ve become a bit of a burger snob!

Last week we went to Bill’s Bar and Burger where we met with the Chef, tried some yummy cheeseburgers and also got to snag an interview with George Motz. He’s a really cool guy that also made a movie about burgers!

Here we are in action:

This weekend we’ll be shooting even more exciting stuff for the film. I’m having such a good time making this movie. There is a whole world of special hamburger foodies out there and it’s really cool to meet them and learn things about hamburgers that had never crossed my mind when I was chowing down on a Happy Meal back in the day. Not only am I proud to be involved in the project but it is really great to be working side-by-side with someone I trust and understand. It makes the whole process feel like less work and a lot more love.

In the kitchen with Chef Brett Reichler (photo by @MotzBurger)

The film will be premiering in May! I’ll update you closer to the event so you can all come out and sink your teeth into a juicy film (I hope I never write another pun on this blog). Until then, check out the film’s blog The Burgerlution to see some of the other places we’ve visited or follow us on twitter @TheBurgerlution!

(featured photo is the delicious Bill’s Bar and Burger Maytag Blue and Bacon burger!)

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Burgers, and Puppets, and Knitting. Oh my!

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Hello, lovelies! What a month it’s been. I’ve missed you all terribly. I am here with a little apology even though I’m sure you’ll all forgive me. I supposed I am apologizing to myself. I have been so busy. I haven’t forgotten about you!

February I started working a full-time job, continued at school as a full-time student, made this blog awesome, knit half of an afghan, and made two movies (well, they’re almost done). When I started the month, I did not want to complain about the feats I was about to undertake. I didn’t want to whine or boast or tell everyone how exhausted I’ve become. But I have to say that I’m proud of myself for, at the very least, surviving.

With all of this going on, I haven’t spent enough time here. I haven’t been relaxing and doing those adorable things that I like to write about. Soon, I will be back in the swing of things but for the time being, you will have to bear with me. I promise I will post more in the upcoming weeks. I have so much fun stuff to share! Thank you all for sticking with me!

Keep checking back! I will have a new post soon about some of the more exciting things I have been so busy with. Cross my heart and hope to die!

(photo by Cari Ann Wayman)

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