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What he wore

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I just wanted to say over the blog a big “Congratulations!” to Jon on starting a new job. He is very happy and I’m so proud of him!

We went shopping for some things for his first day and stumbled on this adorable blazer at H&M. I love the details. I’m a big fan of it. The elbow patches are such a fun throwback.

What a handsome man.

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Kristen Long’s Open Studio

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I wrote a few months ago about my good friend Kristen and her artwork. Monday was her final open studio and her work was just amazing. I am so proud of her!

Kristen has been working on food and party themed work. I love how she mixes deliciousness with the bizarre (hair-cakes!) and I’m dying for her to paint something for me! I’ve always admired her work. This show allowed people to travel through the squishy sculptures she had placed on the floor. So cool!

I can’t wait to see what she creates next!

Also she is so cute! I don’t know anyone who can pull of white pants like she does. See more of Kristens work here and follow her on Twitter!

all photos courtesy of Kristen Long and

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Love/Hate Macarons

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of beautiful foods and hand-knit sweaters. That girl, in an effort to eat only pretty desserts and make a gluten-free baked good for Passover, decided to make some of her favorite pastry, French macarons. She had always coveted the delicate little cookies and even made some fantastic and impressive batches of the finicky treats. Her baking ego inflated, the girl went to her kitchen and began to mix some fantastical spring-colored lavender macarons. But, alas! A wicked witch, jealous of her baking prowess, put a terrible curse on her mixer and she over-mixed the meringues! She put a spell on the oven and made the temperature too hot so the shells were cracked and ugly! She sped up time so the girl was so rushed she could wait long enough for the shell to set.

The girl did all she could to fix the macarons from a horrible fate. She even asked a handsome young prince to help her perfect her recipe. Yet, she was foiled.

This story really doesn’t have a happily-ever-after. In real life, it ended with a lot of foul language and throwing something against a wall. Along with the realization that I need to do yoga or go to an anger management class before I attempt to bake again. Also, that taking photos for a blog while baking the most difficult of all desserts is a terrible idea. And reading the recipe even though I think I’ve memorized it would help…

I am incredibly discouraged. And I cannot put words to how frustrated I am. I am ashamed. I closed the door to the kitchen and sulked. But I’m not ready to give up! I’m going to make some gorgeous French macarons if it kills me. I’ve done it before so it must be possible. I know I can do it again.

I accept your challenge, Mr. Macaron. And I will be back! YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE LAST FROM THIS BAKER!


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The Burgerlution: It’s All Happening!

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Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! I found out some very exciting news this weekend. I am happy to announce that The Burgerlution will be screening at the Dusty Film and Animation Festival.

The Dustys are actually a showcase of the senior films at our school but it will be the first time we get to see the film on the big screen.

It is very exciting but also a little nerve-wracking to show the film to our friends, family, and total strangers. We are very happy to hear what people think of the film. Then we are going to end our vacation from the project and give it another over-haul so it’s ready for the big festivals!

Come check out The Burgerlution on Monday, May 9 at 6:40pm at the Visual Arts Theatre in the Beatrice Theatre, 333 W 23rd St (btwn 8th and 9th Ave). It’s free so bring your friends!

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Things are starting to settle. I’m very proud of everything I have accomplished recently. Of course, I couldn’t do it without some amazing people behind me. I realized yesterday just how lucky I have been when I got a surprise email from my girl B  of Brooklyn B on a Budget. B and I haven’t been able to see each other in a while since I’ve been so busy and she’s been going on amazing adventures. But, luckily, she’s still thinking of me and keeping my spirits up in a tough time.

It’s wonderful to have such great friends and a fantastic family. Having a reminder that other people are thinking of me and routing for me makes me feel so special! I am still amazed that I have so many people that not only put up with my over-worked lifestyle but support and encourage me to follow my dreams and make everything I’m doing possible.

This is my thank-you to everyone. Even if you’re just reading. It’s amazing that you’d take a minute out of your day to check on what I’m doing. Go out and remind someone that you’re thinking of them and make sure the friends and family behind you know how grateful you are for their support.

I hope the rest of you are as lucky as I am. Thanks, everyone! I owe you!

(photo by blueneurosis)

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All Work and No Play makes Amigurumi

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It appears I cannot get away from Amigurumi. But for my final college assignment, my teacher said we could do ANYTHING we wanted.

For the past semester, I’ve been taking a class about the Horror Genre. We’ve watched the old greats like Frankenstein and I Walked with a Zombie and some new classics like Dawn of the Dead. It’s a really fun class, the teacher is incredibly knowledgable and is genuinely passionate about the gruesome nightmares and laughable special effects.

And so he said our final (and only) project is to emulate the genre in any way we’d like. Of course, there are an infinite number of interpretations from poster design to comic books to photographs and short films. I, of course, wanted to do a knitting project. I love themes. I love creating ideas based around them. I had about a million ideas from a soft and cuddly severed hand to a noose scarf to a zombie-killing shotgun cozy (I’m so dark sometimes, I love it).
I love Kubrick. I love The Shining. It’s probably the most terrifying film I’ve ever seen and I watch it every time it snows. It’s also incredibly brilliant from a cinematic standpoint and I would be pretentious enough to tell you about but I won’t get into it today. I remembered my favorite of Scott C’s Great Showdowns. I think his illustrations are so clever. I just love how each character is smiling.

So here you have it. I’m having a bit of a “second sock syndrome” with her twin. And I’m really avoiding the hair because I’m not sure how it’ll work. But overall, I’m pleased with how she’s going. I’ve never really designed anything more complicated than a scarf so I’m pretty proud that this resembles a doll of some sort.

I’m using size 4 double pointed needles. I’m trying to bust some stash with this. I’m using some baby blue Zarina from Jon’s sweater, Vanilla LB Collection Angora Merino, and Tan LB Collection Baby Alpaca. The gauges are definitely less than perfect but I’m quite sure I’ll get an A on my project.

Knitting is incredibly tedious. I mean, I love every minute of it. But building string into a toy or a sweater or something as immense as an afghan takes time and patience even if those hours are spent wasting away in front of Law and Order: SVU. Those repetitive motions of putting the needle through, wrapping the yarn and moving the stitch to the next needle are hypnotizing. Making the tiny stitches makes me think of Jack’s frantic typing.

I can’t wait to share the finished dolls! (Poor bald thing!)

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

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Simplifying one step at a time…

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Like I said, life’s been too busy. No matter where I’ve lived over the past year, it’s been too small. The city is full of too many people. The walls might possibly be closing in and I’m pretty sure that the buildings are growing taller. I don’t have time to keep cleaning up after myself. I don’t have money to be spending on things I don’t need. I don’t have space to keep clothes I never wear.

That all sounds rather bleak. I am not feeling as down about this as it sounds. I’m just telling you how it is. Living in New York City means having less. But it also means Having More. (See what I did there?) In such a fast-paced, noise-ridden, light-polluted town, I need a moment to un-stimulate myself. And, ironically enough, I’m using my computer to do so.

Enter MinimalWall. Design-savy, incredibly simple desktops that are striking and sleek. And did I mention they come in pink?

I found a desktop that is my favorite shade! I love the desktops. I think they are all incredibly modern and, honestly, not annoying. Such a fun way to add to the details of my new life-beautification plan!

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Dried Fruit

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I’ve been really proud of myself recently because my eating habits have improved so much over the past year. I’ve started eating three meals a day. I’m eating fruits and veggies. I have yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. And I’ve actually cut out about 90% of my candy intake. That’s huge for me. I used to substitute meals for gummy bears. And when there wasn’t any food in the pantry (read: always), I’d eat just rice. Or Hint of Lime tortilla chips. Or coffee. I really never ate unless my roommate was cooking me dinner. I didn’t have a problem. I was just incredibly lazy and a little bit scared to try out the kitchen.

I’ll admit: we eat hamburgers all the time. But at least I’m eating, right?

To add to some of the healthy snacks I love to eat at work (nothing like a handful of almonds to get you to lunchtime), I bought us a food dehydrator. I wouldn’t normally drop fifty bucks on a weird little gadget like this but I got a gift card to an electronics store that I didn’t think I’d ever use. Low and behold, they sell the Nesco Food Dehydrator. It’s been fun!

We live across the street from a little bodega that sells fruit that is very ripe for very cheap prices. We were able to buy strawberries and blueberries for $1 each! Unheard of in New York. And the fact that they are so ripe they are on the verge of going bad is a perfect time for us to dehydrate them. So much flavor!

We started with strawberries and blueberries.

Cut them up and lined them in the dehydrator. I think they look really beautiful all stacked in a row.

And there they sat for 12 hours…

We were so excited waiting for the fruit to dry. It made the whole apartment smell like fresh fruit!

And here is all of the delicious dried fruits we made! So sweet and yummy!

Jon wants to make beef jerkey and I’m all for it. Can’t wait to share how that goes.

What else should we dehydrate next!?

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Dear Internet, It’s me, Sarah.

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Alright. It’s been a long month already! I promised to post more and severely disappointed myself by lying to you all. I’ve put my whole life on hold recently. Big deadlines are coming up. We’re getting a lot done and I think I’m somehow managing to get enough sleep. It’s pretty exciting.

But excuses are about to go out the window. We are sending in the most-perfected cut of The Burgerlution this week! This is kind of what the whole year has been leading up to so far. (Wish me luck!) So once that’s over it’s all about life-stabilization, becoming the grown-up I’ve been pretending to be for the past three months.

And more importantly, beautification. And, believe me, I’ve been dreaming of making my life more beautiful. I think it’s time for some warm weather, redecorating, and sparkly cocktails. I am long overdue for a well-deserved massage and some one-on-one time with the lovely ladies that I’ve been neglecting recently! Work, it’s time for you to take the back seat! I have spent all of the past two weeks cleaning like I’ve, honestly, never cleaned before. And I intend to keep things that way.

Jon and I have been dealing with more than just our documentary love-child. But we are pretty impressively conquering the obstacles that have been trying to distract us from the important goal of creating (including avoiding finding a new place to live, these are big victories, people!).

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive. I haven’t given up on this labor of love! Crunch time has really thrown me for a loop but I’ve been thinking of all kinds of pretty things to show you! Stick with me! And thank you for listening to me pour out my scatter-brained heart.

How are you celebrating the hints of spring (dare I say its name!)? I’d love to live vicariously through all of you.


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