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Independence Day Collection

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Good morning, beautiful people! If you’re in the US, I bet you’re all getting ready for the weekend!

I like to celebrate my 4th a little differently, I tend to think, than most people. I’m not going to tell you about how to make red, white, and blue jello or which to streamers look most like fireworks. Those things are great but that’s not what I’m about when it comes to Independence Day. I’m about to take it back to the first 4th of July (well, not the first one ever, but you know, the important one).

If you don’t have a copy of 1776 to watch, read on…here are some things I love that make me think of July 4th!

This illustration by Ellis Latham-Brown is from a new series Momentus highlighting important moments in American History. They’re all really cool. I love George Washington’s fist in the air! Fight the power!

This pillow by Rogue Objects is Thomas Jefferson’s eye on the $2 bill! So unique!

This t-shirt by Kate Beaton of Hark, A Vagrant just cracks me up. Her comics are amazing and filled with history jokes.

Don’t forget to think of the guys and gals that made this holiday happen! Now back to your barbecue preparations and renditions of “Sit Down, John”.

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Our Trip to Governors Island

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Happy Hump Day!

Over the weekend, Jon and I took a trip to Governor’s Island. I’d never been before but it was a wonderful day out. The weather was perfect and warm with a fantastic breeze off of the water. And the whole trip is free!

Governor’s Island was used as a military base starting in the late 1700s and later inhabited by the Coast Guard and even served as a training ground for firefighters. It became a park only recently and it’s really popular with New Yorkers.

You can reach the island by a free ferry from Battery Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park or the $4 East River Ferry (not recommended, unless you have to!). The view of the city from the ferry is amazing and on the island is even better.

The view from the island of Jersey City and Manhattan

The dock.

Since it was used as a fortification, there are a ton of vacant buildings including the fort itsself. We peered into a lot of windows and it kind of gave me the creeps!

We biked around the island for hours and had an amazing picnic with a gorgeous view of Brooklyn. We packed our own food and a blanket so we only had to spend $20 to rent bicycles for the day.

I live a few blocks from Central Park but I’d rather make the trip to Governor’s Island again. It is so magical! I hope you all get the chance to spend the day there.

I have plenty more to share with you about the island so stay tuned!

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Side Pony Strikes Back

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We made it through another Monday! I have a lot of posts I’m really excited about for the rest of the week. But today I just wanted to show you something simple and fun as a follow up to my earlier post about my favorite hairstyle. I love this drawing by Langdon Graves and I hope you do too. Set your ponies for perky! The long weekend will be here soon!

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My First CSA Pick Up

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Good morning, everyone! Did we all have a lovely weekend? I am beating the Monday blues with a nice big cup of coffee and some great new yogurt!

The yogurt came from our first pick up for the CSA Jon and I joined. If you don’t know what a CSA is, well, I didn’t either! A co-worker introduced me to the concept when I started my job in February and it sounded like an amazing idea. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Members buy shares from a nearby farm and each week get the fruits, veggies, and other delicious organic produce that were harvested. Ours is 22 weeks and on top of the produce, we opted for yogurt, granola, herbs, and tempeh! Some CSAs offer other goodies like bread, butter, and farm-fresh eggs! I’m really excited and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Week 1: Our bag full of veggies and yogurt!

I plan on writing a series of posts about my experience with the Washington Square CSA which is partnered with Norwich Meadows Farm and other local vendors. Here are some of the topics I’ll be talking about:

1. Affordability
2. Sustainability
3. Curiosity
4. Recipes!

We kicked off CSA season with the biggest salad I’ve ever eaten!

We got lettuce, garlic scapes, and spring onions (among other things) from our share this week and tossed them in a salad with grilled chicken, Granny Smith apples, and cashews. I’ve never had a salad so fresh! And to think we were enjoying farm-quality food in our little two-bedroom walk-up amidst the bustle of urban life!

I can’t wait to see what we get next week! Yes, it’s always a surprise which is something that I love. It all depends on what is ready at the farm. We’ve already discovered some vegetables that we had never heard of before!

Have you tried out a CSA? What did you think?

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Fizzy Weekend for All!

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Happy weekend everybody! Looking forward to mine. I’ve made some rainy day back up plans which are just as exciting as my sunny weekend plans

Just want to kick off the weekend with a summery weekendy photo. I got to celebrate my graduation last weekend with my family and some old friends I haven’t seen in a while. It was so much fun! I really loved the look of all of the Brooklyn Summer Ale we put in an old metal bucket. Not only do I think Brooklyn Summer is the most delicious beer ever, but I love the cheerful color they chose for the label.

Wishing you lots of fantastic fizzy drinks for the weekend! What are your plans?

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Celebrate with Ice Pops!

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Yesterday was the first day of summer! I hope you all celebrated the solstice with lots of summer goodies. I may or may not have had a hamburger (obviously I had one!). Anyway, today let’s kick off the season with my favorite summer treat: Ice Pops!

I plan on doing a lot of ice-pop-making this summer but I don’t have any recipes to share today. I love the idea of popsicles. Everyone likes them, young and old. Even a pack of FlavorIce will get people together. And there is no better way to beat the New York City heat than with a yummy ice pop! This post is all about the icon of the ice pop. The shape and colors of summer all represented in a tasty dessert!

First off, this adorable card by Two Pooch Paperie.

I fell in love with these adorable tea towels from Crate and Barrel. Perfect for a barbecue!

How about wearing this cute retro headscarf from Telulah Blue Burlesque to your next pool party?

Finally, I’d love to hang this print by Hello Poster Show on the wall of my future beach home!

You look ready for a cool treat! What’s your favorite summer dessert?

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WIP: Teaser!

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Hey, there! I hope you didn’t miss me too much but I had to give myself a Monday off. Aren’t Mondays just the worst!? Well, I’ve got some yummy knitting to celebrate the fact that Monday is over. For now.

Here’s a little peek at what I’m working on:

I can’t divulge all of the details because it’s a present. But here’s the basics. It’s made from the gorgeous Madeline Tosh I mentioned last week. I’m working on size 8 Lantern Moon rosewood needles which are like butter! This pattern is all about triangles and intarsia.

I can’t wait to show you more and tell you all about it but I hope you can see how great it is working up! I promise more photos and some wrong side pictures, too. I’m loving the way it’s turning out so far.

Come back soon for more on this WIP! And follow my Instagram feed to see more photos. What are you working on?

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Happy Fathers’ Day!

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Hello, everybody! I hope you’re all ready to celebrate fathers’ day this weekend. This is a photo of my dad with his dad. I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my dad. I hope he gets to spend Sunday watching the History Channel, running as many errands to the hardware store as he wants, and having a glass of the oldest McCallans he can get his hands on.

Don’t dads always make you feel like you’ll be a little girl forever? Happy fathers’ day to all of the great dads out there!

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Current Obsession: Side Pony

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Hello, everybody! Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here.

It’s finally time to admit it: I can’t go a day without putting my hair into a side pony tail. I am completely obsessed. Here’s the deal:

I only cut my hair about once a year these days. I’m indecisive and nervous and it’s impossible to get a good haircut for a cheap price in this town. This is the longest my hair’s been in a few years and I do like it this long but I just have to put my hair up at work or I can’t get anything done. It’s in my way, getting caught in everything and ending up in the darndest places.

Here’s how I’m wearing it these days.

I love the side pony. It fits my personality perfectly as it’s obviously the most fun hairstyle there is. It’s simple and fits any occasion. I love it because it feels grown up and young at the same time, it’s casual but it’s all dressed up. So it’s my favorite thing right now.

How cute is this side pony?

photo via Musings in Femininity

I’m dying to try this ponytail featured on A Cup of Jo. If you’re a side pony novice, it has some great pointers. I just bend over, pull my hair off to my left side and tie it up.

I woud be foolish not to include this fantastic song by Brite Futures (when they called themselves Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head) which just about sums up the whimsy of wearing a side ponytail. Enjoy!

As you work on your ‘do this morning, consider adding a little spice with the side ponytail!

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Yarn, Finally.

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After all of that kvetching, Jon gets a big “I told you so” for telling me to wait for the perfect yarn. He’s right. I went to three LYSs before I found the one. And it is just absolutely fantastic.

On Thursday I picked up a few skeins of Madeline Tosh merino. It’s amazingly soft and hand dyed so the colors are amazing. It was a little pricey but it’s for a special gift so I wanted to spend a little extra. Worth every penny!

Here are two skeins in Chamomile and Antler. I must admit, goldenrod is my very favorite color right now. Things in that particular shade of yellow just make me feel like sunshine!

I am so excited to get this onto my needles. I didn’t even let them wind it at the store because I wanted to rush home and run my fingers through it. I am very proud of myself, though. With every project I tackle, I like to think that I am becoming a better knitter. Maybe I’ll be a Knitter with a capital K! I took the time to do some swatching and make sure that my pattern was how I wanted it. And a huge thanks to Amy at Threadpanda for reading my crazed email debating faire isle versus intarsia.

Here is the intarsia cast onto the amazing rosewood Lantern Moon needles Jon bought me. They feel like I’m knitting with liquid needles!

It looks like a mess, I know, but I promise it gets better.

I can’t wait to show you what I’m up to. It’s kind of a secret right now…can you guess?!

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