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Etsy Finds: Bill Murray

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I have to admit, I’ve been on a bizarre Bill Murray kick recently. I finally saw Lost in Translation (sixteen-year-old me is finally satisfied) and Jon showed me Quick Change. Bonus: Geena Davis! Anyway, even though Bill Murray is a household name, he has a great cult celebrity status.

So I hopped on Etsy and checked these homages to everybody’s favorite Ghostbuster.

Ashley sent me these fantastic Wes Anderson-inspired illustrations by suPmon.
Throw a tarp over everything that says Operation Hennessy. 

How about a Bill Murray cross stitch by bombastitch?

Pop Chart Lab has a whole series of the “Lost Roles of Bill Murray”. I think this one is my favorite.

And, finally, this dramatic print by Aaron Reichert. So cool!

Who knew there was so much Bill Murray art out there? Go make it Suntory Time!

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I’m Hoooome!

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This weekend marked Lucielle Ball’s 100th birthday. Did you see these fantastic photos that were just released at Life? They are just gorgeous. There is nothing I admire more than a woman who is willing to look silly.

I’ll always remember watching I Love Lucy marathons on the weekend with my mom. Looking at myself now, I feel a little too similar to that crazy redhead covering up one crazy idea with a load of shenanigans.


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Happy Weekend from Those Darlins

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What a tough week, huh? I’m so ready to dance the weekend away.

I’ve been in the mood for Those Darlins and loving their new album Screws Get Loose. I saw them earlier this year when they opened for OKGo and immediately fell for their attitude. I love their raw style and in your face lyrics. Their music makes me think of The Runaways.

I invite you to kick off your weekend with this song. I think it’s only right to dedicate it to all of my ladies in film school who just want to be one of the bros.

What’s your tough chick mood music?

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FO: Baby Blanket

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I just wanted to share some more of the beautiful photos that Jon took of the blanket that I made for his nephew-to-be. I am so proud of how it turned out!

Like I mentioned before, I don’t do much designing. I do like planning intarsia but I’ve never stressed over stitch counts and gauge as much as I did with this project. I really wanted to make something that was personal and soft and design-savy.

My plan had a lot to do with these ideas: I hate traditional gender colors. Blue was originally for girls, after all. And I really don’t like pastels. I know that Jon’s brother and sister-in-law feel the same way so that was a good start. For babies, I much prefer bold, bright, exciting colors and stimulating patterns. Minimalism is always a must, of course.

I’ve been experimenting with more intarsia to make fun patterned knit fabics. Intarsia is pretty simple but I really like the versatility. Of course, I’m obsessed with these hand-dyed Madeline Tosh yarns! They make it even more interesting.

So this is not the last you’ve seen of my intarsia-patterned, hand-dyed knit fabrics. I’m really excited and I’m just bubbling over with ideas. I can’t wait to tell you about what I have planned.

What do you prefer for babies? Traditional pastels or bold modern patterns? Knitters, how do you feel about intarsia?

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Dramatic Looks and Butterfly Reef

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I just checked out the new Kirtsy! It’s really fun and reminds me a bit of Pinterest.

I saw this photo by Mario Testino for Vogue UK in a set curated by Black Eiffel. So dramatic!

Something about those big skirts and the clear blue water reminded me of my favorite movie, The Fall. Doesn’t it look inspired by Tarsem’s film?

It’s the most gorgeous film I’ve ever seen and I want to tell you all about it. I’ll try to keep it short! The storytelling is fantastic and the images are stunning. The performances are nothing short of beautiful. Tarsem tells this story of friendship, deceit, and fantasy entirely from the perspective of a child which is just brilliant! I can’t start talking about it or I’ll go on forever.

Oh my goodness. If you haven’t seen The Fall (or if you’re longing to sit down with some popcorn and/or Kleenex again like I am right now), take a look at the trailer!


What’s your favorite movie?

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I Heart NY: See New York Like a New Yorker

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Hey, everybody! I have a really special post today. I’m so excited about it.

When I read that Angel at 77inspire was looking for tips for a New York visit, I started thinking: what is my NY MUST list? I’ve seen those tourist sights but what’s the New York I live and breathe every day? What makes the NYC that people dream about? It certainly isn’t getting sunburnt in Central Park or waiting in line for an elevator at the Empire State Building.

Avoid this at all costs!

So here you have it. Here are my favorite places in the city. I like to think they’re more authentic to the new York we New Yorkers know and love.

Instead of eating a hot dog from a pretzel cart (sorry, Hollywood, nobody does that!) eat French fries from Pomme Frites.

Every time I introduce someone that’s from out of town to Pomme Frites, they give me the same weird look. A place that only serves french fries? No, no, trust me here. The fries at this little East Village hot spot are delicious and they are a vehicle for amazing sauces! They’re open late for amazing post-bar snacking. My favorite sauces: mango chutney, rosemary garlic mayo, and, most recently, organic black truffle mayo! Yum!

Instead of window shopping on 5th avenue (unless you’re reenacting Breakfast at Tiffanys, of course) try checking out the Brooklyn Flea. There, you’ll see a ton of local artists, crafters, even vintage clothing, and delicious foods. Brooklyn Flea is like hip New York shopping and eating cliff notes. Check out all of our favorite places in one spot!

Instead of seeing the Empire State Building, try a tour of Governors Island.

Seeing the city from a birds’ eye view is breathtaking but from Governors Island, you can see the beauty of almost all of the boroughs and even the Statue of Liberty. Considering that the ferry is free, it sure beats any of the other views! The tours are free, too! Enjoy a guided tour or just go to lounge around by the water.

Instead of catching Phantom of the Opera, see Fuerza Bruta! This performance is probably one of the coolest things you’ll ever see. This interactive show is mind blowing, psychedelic, and a million times better than anything you’ll see on Broadway. It’s hard to explain exactly what I love about Fuerza Bruta but I can tell you that it’s all about fantastic music and gravity-defying stunts.

Instead of getting a pricey steak at Lugers, a burger at Shake Shack. And YES you have to wait in the line!

After all of our research for The Burgerlution, Shake Shack is still one of our favorite spots. I still gape at New Yorkers that tell me they haven’t had a burger from Shake Shack. New Yorkers know that good things come to those that wait in the unbelievable line in Madison Square Park. You will not be disappointed.

New York, New York. It’s a wonderful town. See the things that really keep New Yorkers in love with this crowded, noisy, dirty, magic-filled place. Get out there and do it the right way!

(Amazing NYC Instagrams by my talented friend Justin Ho, delicious Pomme Frites by the fantastic Ashley Maas)

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