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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I wanted to write a bunch of posts this week before the holiday but it looks like life’s getting in the way. There’s so much to do to get ready! I just wanted to take a moment and share this pretty picture of autumn in New York. The weather’s been weird here but the leaves on the ground look so pretty on my way to work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we are all thankful for a lot. This year, I’m going to be spending Thanksgiving with Jon’s family which means I’ll be away from my family for the first time ever on Turkey Day. I’m definitely going to be a little sad that I won’t be there to help them prepare but we will be sharing leftovers with them over the weekend (and leftovers are the best part, aren’t they!?). I love seeing different family traditions so I’m excited to see what a big holiday with a different family will be like.

Have you spent a big holiday away from your family before? Was the food different? Did you bring any of your own traditions to their table? Did you take any away? Happy Thanksgiving!

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My First Pie

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I have an announcement to make! Last week, I baked the first pie I’ve ever made completely from scratch! Baking a pie from scratch has always been on my bucket list. And I did it! I feel like, going into it, this was a huge milestone for me but now I don’t see what was so terrifying about it at all.

We’ve gotten 6 pounds of apples from our CSA for the past two weeks! (The summer CSA ended yesterday. As much as I’ve loved bundles of beautiful veggies and experimenting with new foods, I have to admit that I’m relieved it’s over. We just couldn’t keep up with the volume of food we were getting. Lesson learned!) I knew it was time to take the big leap and make apple pie. Our favorite apples are the courtland. I can’t remember what other varieties ended up in the pie…probably a little of everything.

I used Martha Stewart’s old fashioned apple pie recipe. The crust is her pate brisee. Wow! It really was a brisee to make. (Sorry, had to!) I feel like a champ! I didn’t think the pie crust was going to turn out because apparently I have the tiniest food processor in the world. I gave up and just started mushing with my fingers. This is the point I recognize in everything I make when I decide that I will not get too emotional over the outcome because it doesn’t look too good so far. But after chilling in the fridge, it turned out great. I did a little dance in the kitchen.

Yummy! I can’t wait to make another one! (Next time I will actually take pictures of the pie cut open. I’m so bad! I was too busy devouring it! Delicious!)

Have you made a pie before? Were you scared? Am I being silly? What’s your greatest baking achievement!?

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WIP: Larch Cardigan (Almost Done!)

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This is long overdue! I’m almost finished with my Larch Cardigan! What a refreshing knit! I haven’t made a sweater in about a year and I was much more confident this time. I love making little projects but making something big is so fun and a little nerve-wracking. It’s like running the marathon instead of jogging a mile.

Here it is with all of the pieces complete!

(Excuse my wrinkly sheets. I really need a better place to photograph my knits…I’m working on that!)

I am totally in love with the edges. The little details like that are what make this pattern so much fun. It would have been simple to just start with a regular 1×1 rib and move on into the sweater. But binding off and picking up the stitches make that adorable little chain boarder. It’s a brilliant idea.

Can I have a minute to tell you just how amazing this color in Mad Tosh is!? I’m so in love with it. I didn’t strand the yarn even though they warned that I should. I looked at the skeins really closely and didn’t see too much of a difference in color. I guess I lucked out with the four that I bought because they’re really identical. I decided that I didn’t need to strand and that I’d probably regret making that choice later. It turned out great. I definitely made the right choice. There is one patch on the back where the yarn doesn’t have as much variation as the other parts but stranding probably wouldn’t have avoided that.

I’ve really neglected to post these photos so this cardigan is actually already almost finished. It’s really is begging me to block it but I haven’t had the time. I promise I’ll block you, wonderful Larch Cardi! I can’t wait to show you the finished cardigan! And I can’t wait to wear it out!

When is the last time you knit a sweater? Is the Larch Cardigan in your knitting queue?

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Have a Brunch-filled Weekend!

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It’s been a long week, huh? It’s dark out at 4:30, I’m having a fierce knitting vs. vacuuming battle, and I just burnt my hand on the toaster. That being said, I’m so excited for this weekend! It’s my mom’s birthday and I have all kinds of fun errands planned!

Here’s a photo of the ceiling at The Whitney. Last weekend we had a big brunch party at Untitled. It was wonderful. The place is super cool and small and not too expensive. It’s a great brunch atmosphere and the perfect lead-up to a fun afternoon at the museum.

How cool are those lamps? What are your plans for the weekend?

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What are your stash-collecting rules? I’ve been really good recently! To be honest, I read Yarn Harlot and I got a little nervous about my stashing tendancies! I’ve been very careful to only buy yarn that I actually need for projects. So I’m proud of myself.

But when Susie of Juniper Moon Farm tweeted that her friend was having a sale, I couldn’t pass up the Aslan Trends Invernal (50% Angora, 25% Merino Wool) that was $6/skein. I bought 3 skeins of Rouge and Raspberry each. I figured that it was enough yardage to make a striped sweater and the colors go quite well together. I hate stash of an awkward-weight single skein I can’t do anything with. But I might just break down and make six pairs of socks using it..

How much stash do you have? Where do you keep it?

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Hand-Made Music Video: Kina Grannis

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Wow wow wow, guys! My adorable co-worker Kristina sent me this super cool music video and it’s already going viral! She actually helped animate the video which took a year and a half to create! (Can you believe this?!) And, best of all, it was made using jelly beans!!!

I can’t stop asking her questions about it. It’s so complex and magical, I can’t even understand it! To give the illusion of singing, Kristina told me, the director would ask Kina to shape her mouth differently for each shot. She said that they were such slight changes, it was very intense. To answer some of your questions, check out the behind the scenes video!

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Fiber Art: Penguin Threads Book Covers

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I’m one of those knitters that kind of knows how to embroider and will learn as soon as she checks a few projects off of her knitting queue. Or finishes those upcoming holiday gifts! But this new series from Penguin Books is getting me itching to learn!

The covers for Emma, The Secret Garden, and Black Beauty are designed by Jillian Tamaki. So gorgeous! And tonight at Purl Soho, you can see the original embroideries and hear Jillian describe her work. (And to get us started, they’ll be giving free embroidery kits with every purchase!) See you there!

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Dome Houses

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Have you seen This New House on DIY Network? Instead of fixing up old houses, this show highlights modern homes with the latest greenest technology. Jon and I have been watching it and we’re so inspired. Jon loves all of the gadgets, I love the modern design. And you can watch it online!

We caught an episode over the weekend and our new dream home is a monolithic dome. They’re super energy efficient and can last 500 years!

They aren’t all curves on the inside. The interior floor plans are customizable and can be multiple floors with regular rooms. Some homes are even two or more domes built together!

Jon says he’d like a big cylindrical tropical fish tank (like the magical one at the Dream Hotel in midtown) going right down the middle.

I think I’d prefer a big cozy fireplace! How amazing is this one?

You have to see their amazing construction. The episode with the amazing Dome Houses is here!

Would you live in a dome house? Would yours be ultra modern or more traditional on the inside?

(dome house photos via Monolithic Dome Institute, awesome fireplace via Mom Dot)

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