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Blog Makeover!

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Have you seen the new look of the blog!?

Thanks to Jon for his help making it look super cool and adding my new logo! I’m so excited for how it turned out! We’re still working out some kinks but what do you think?

ps. That WIP is a sock I was working on while designing the new logo. I just finished them so more on that soon!

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FO: Pomme de Pin

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Well, it’s done! If you haven’t been following me on instagram, you might’ve missed this picture of my finished cardigan.

I love it so far. Very soft and warm. The sleeves are a little too long but I guess I’ll have to deal with that! Otherwise, it’s perfect.

I know that picture is definitely not the best and then I put words all over it so you can’t see anything. I’ll have more detailed pictures of this FO after the weekend when I can take some nice photos in the sun! I just really wanted to celebrate the fact that it is finally finished and I’m never taking it off!

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WIP: Savory KAL: Blocking!

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The sweater is finally almost finished! I know I promised all of these pictures but before the blocking, everything looked like a blob. But everything is laid out and lovely. I know I’m far past the KAL deadline but I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out and I’m so excited that I’ve conquered lace!

The collar construction is really interesting. I think it’s very unique and I’m not surprised since the shawl collar on the Larch Cardigan was so much fun. The left and right fronts are joined around the back of the neck and the back is attached to the join, creating the arm holes. It’s such an interesting idea but I like the way it makes the garment hang. It feels very relaxed.

The sleeves were finished a while ago. It’s hard to see the lace pattern laid out flat. That was definitely my fault for picking such a dark yarn color. It’s somewhere between olive green and olive brown. I love it.

Have I mentioned before how awesome my blocking mat is? My mom got me the Coco Knits Knitter’s Block for Chanukah last year and it’s been so useful! You can connect as many squares as you need in any shape which is great for bigger pieces like sweaters but also smaller blocking like mittens and socks. I would definitely recommend it if you’re short on space like me! Thanks, Mom!

I love the thick ribbing at the bottom of the body and sleeves. It feels so casual and wonderful. I can’t wait to see it all put together!

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Famous Knits: Sophie Blackall’s MTA Poster

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If you ride the F train, you might have seen Sophie Blackall‘s new artwork. I’ve always been fascinated by the subway-inspired illustrations that art posted on the trains. It’s nice to have something to look at while you’re avoiding catching someone else’s eye on a packed train that isn’t an ad for Dr. Zizmor or that bunny that wants you to quit smoking (you know the one). This one, though, is by far my favorite. (Close second, the one with the underwater mermaid submarine train!)

I am so im love with how authentic the characters are in Blackall’s illustration! If you’ve spent more than a minute on a train, you will have met all of these people. The tourists, of course, the teenagers that are sitting on eachother’s laps probably talking way too loud, the Asian lady with a ton of grocery bags, the Jewish guy, the Spanish kids with sticks tied with bags of cotton candy!

My favorite character, did you spot her? The knitter with the blue hair! Sophie certainly captured everyone who rides the train in her illustration! If you’re interested in your own copy, they are available at the MTA store. Don’t worry, proceeds going towards the Transit Museum!

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Forget me Not: Kitchener Stitch

Written by Sarah. Posted in knits, new york city

I tweeted a few months ago that if I had a dollar for every time I had to look up Kitchener stitch, I would be rich enough to buy a yarn store. Well, I guess it will never sink in. I was just finishing up my pomme de pin cardigan (more on that soon!) which required me to graft the left and right fronts together at the top of the neck (the construction is really cool and totally unexpected. I think it’s really unique!). Of course, I immediately remembered that I can’t physically remember how to set up the kitchener stitch.

Like, if my life depended on it, I’d die. Or if Somalian pirates were holding my family hostage and all I had to do to free them was perform a graft from memory, they’d be lost at sea forever. And I hope that World Peace never depends on my kitchenering (I just made that up and I’m ok with it) because it will never happen.  I really hope none of these scenarios are true or else I’d better start figuring out if it’s purlwise or knitwise first. (WHICH IS IT!?)

I am so impressed with how much knitting information is on Youtube. You can definitely teach yourself how to knit if you were so inclined. And old pros like myself need it just as often as newbies. Mainly, though, for kitchener stitch.

photo via the purl bee

This post is a reminder for myself and everyone else. The Purl Bee has an amazing tutorial and it’s really pretty to look at. Thank you, internet, for keeping me sharp.

ps. Did you see Threadpanda’s trip to New York? Pictures from my super secret project!

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Roman Hills and a Super Secret Project

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I had a fantastic weekend! I hope you all did, too. I got started on a Super Secret Project that I’m very excited about. I can’t wait to show you what it is! I can give you a few hints, but you’ll never guess!

The most exciting part of this project was meeting with the lovely ladies behind Roman Hills! And, as if it could get any better, I finally met Amy of Threadpanda in real life! Roman Hills, if you haven’t read Threadpanda’s interview with Lisa and Amy, is a new, independent dyer based in Brooklyn. Their yarns are fantastic and they are just so much fun!

I don’t want to give too much away but here are some yummy Roman Hills yarn photos from this weekend. There was a pile of yarn. Oh yes.

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