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Famous Knits: Mr. Rogers

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Who didn’t love Mr. Rogers? Who didn’t love those sweater? I want to go tie my shoes just thinking about him.

Have you read this article from CNN? Apparently all of those lovely cardigans that were Mr. Rogers’ trademark were hand knit by his mom. If that hasn’t swollen your heart to the point of bursting, well, check your pulse.

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Ravelympics, etc

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Hmmm. Now that I’ve titled this post I feel a bit dangerous! Two things in the knitting world I want to touch on here. And they are both things that feel near and dear to me.

First off, I’ve been holding onto this for a while and I feel like now is the time to feature it! I’m obsessed with Shauna Richardson’s giant lions that were commissioned for the London 2012 games. When I saw them, I thought three things: 1. These are amazing. 2. I love that fiber art is getting an international spotlight here. 3. I’m so jealous, why didn’t I get to do that!?

image via Crochet Today

Now that we’ve heard all about that, item number two. The US Olympic Committee. Have we all heard about the whole “Ravelympics”-gate that’s going on with them? Three words: cease and desist. These guys are a real bummer. And while I understand (well, I’ll get to my extent of not understanding soon) that Olympic logos and even the name are in the grey area of things-that-should-be-public-domain-but-isn’t, the letter was kind of shitty and rude (as cease and desist letters tend to be). The idea that something as global (and ancient) as the Olympic games can be owned (in part) privately is a little crazy. And the fact that a logo that, in my opinion, should be considered as universal as the Union Jack, can be licensed out to corporations feels a little bit opposite of all of that world peace they are so quick to shout about.

We were forced to sit through class upon class dedicated to copyright law in film school. (Abridged version: hire a lawyer and cross your fingers. The rules don’t apply to everything ever.) Everything’s always up for debate so we were always instructed to steer clear of anything that was not entirely original. Public domain has therefore become an issue that I find interesting and mind boggling, especially as a person that creates and especially now where we have access to everything and the technology to mash it up and regurgitate it through the magic of the internet!

In fact, I think the best description of my feelings towards the mixed up world of intellectual property can be summed up here pretty awesomely. Further reading:

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

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KYC Presents: Roman Hills

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Want to hear a secret? A super secret? My super secret project is out!

I’m working on a new video series! And it’s all about my favorite thing! (Knitting, obviously!) I have been so pumped about the reception that The Burgerlution had that I wanted to do something similar with knitting.

I hope to use these shorts in order to introduce knitters to the people behind the designs, brands, and tools that we are so familiar with. And, I’ll be honest, I’m excited to have an excuse to meet more knitters and more people that are involved in the industry! My people! And, also, an excuse for gratuitous yarn porn. (You’re welcome.)

The ladies of Roman Hills were nice enough to meet with me for my first short. We hung out and chatted along with Amy of Threadpanda and had some mid-morning beers and talked about yarn. It was such a wonderful experience. This is just the first episode in what I hope will be an ongoing project.

Without further ado…

KYC presents Roman Hills from Sarah Hurwitz on Vimeo.

I have to give a huge thank you to everyone involved. My friend Andrew wrote a really cool piece of music for the series that is based on the rhythm of stitching. I love it. And my fantastically talented friend Ashley gave me some great advice when it came to editing. She has much more patience than I. Jon, as always, is a great partner when it comes to making movies. He is not only a great match in terms his skills but I am always grateful for how dedicated he is! And he figured out how to use Soundtrack Pro in about five minutes. He’s pretty great to have around.

Also, don’t forget to check out Roman Hills in the latest issue of Knitscene Magazine!

Let me know what you think! I can’t wait for my next interview (hint: it’s coming up this weekend and it’s with someone I’m incredibly excited to meet!) and I can’t wait to hear some feedback. What do you think? Who would you like to see next?

Don’t forget to follow Knit York City on Vimeo!

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Famous Knits: Mad Men Season Finale

Written by Sarah. Posted in cardigan, famous knits, knits, new york city, style, tv

Don’t worry, everyone. There won’t be any spoilers here. About the plot, at least. But if you were hoping to be surprised by the outrageously beautiful cardigan Don Draper wears in the season’s finale…well, spoiler alert.

I caught up on Mad Men before the start of this season. I’m completely hooked and I don’t know what I’ll do now that there’s no Mad Men to watch! And this season was a real roller coaster!

This last episode was filled with beautiful images. But I think this sweater might have been my favorite. My jaw dropped and Jon immediately asked me to find a pattern so I could make one for him. Sorry, no spoilers here. I wasn’t actually listening to anything Megan was saying…I was too busy drooling.

Has anyone else had a hard time finding a truly elegant mens’ shawl collar cardigan pattern? I find they are either too flimsy or too chunky. If you’ve got one that you like, send it my way! I’m itching to cast on for a Don Draper sweater!

Maybe Trudy has a pattern I could borrow. Wonder what she’s working on…

Can’t wait to find out more about this sweater! In the mean time, I will be reading Mad Men Unbuttoned like crazy.

Until next season (fingers crossed)…I love you, Mad Men.

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Yarn Bombs and Hot Tea

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Some of you might have forgotten that Saturday was International Yarn Bombing Day. Did you do any crafty vandalism? While I thought about yarn bombing my own fire escape (wonder what my neighbor would say…), I was actually stuffing my face with bar-b-que at the Big Apple Bar-B-Que Block Party. I can’t say no to free food festivals.

But, while I was in Williamsburg on Friday, I saw a yarn bomb by Hot Tea. When I read this article on Gothamist, well, be still my heart! Check out this fantastic yarny art by New York’s newest yarn bomber. While I love Olek’s use of crochet in her bombs, Hot Tea’s work is really awesome. I love the geometric patterns and very cool utilization of straight lines.

More photos on his flickr!

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