KYC Presents: Roman Hills

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Want to hear a secret? A super secret? My super secret project is out!

I’m working on a new video series! And it’s all about my favorite thing! (Knitting, obviously!) I have been so pumped about the reception that The Burgerlution had that I wanted to do something similar with knitting.

I hope to use these shorts in order to introduce knitters to the people behind the designs, brands, and tools that we are so familiar with. And, I’ll be honest, I’m excited to have an excuse to meet more knitters and more people that are involved in the industry! My people! And, also, an excuse for gratuitous yarn porn. (You’re welcome.)

The ladies of Roman Hills were nice enough to meet with me for my first short. We hung out and chatted along with Amy of Threadpanda and had some mid-morning beers and talked about yarn. It was such a wonderful experience. This is just the first episode in what I hope will be an ongoing project.

Without further ado…

KYC presents Roman Hills from Sarah Hurwitz on Vimeo.

I have to give a huge thank you to everyone involved. My friend Andrew wrote a really cool piece of music for the series that is based on the rhythm of stitching. I love it. And my fantastically talented friend Ashley gave me some great advice when it came to editing. She has much more patience than I. Jon, as always, is a great partner when it comes to making movies. He is not only a great match in terms his skills but I am always grateful for how dedicated he is! And he figured out how to use Soundtrack Pro in about five minutes. He’s pretty great to have around.

Also, don’t forget to check out Roman Hills in the latest issue of Knitscene Magazine!

Let me know what you think! I can’t wait for my next interview (hint: it’s coming up this weekend and it’s with someone I’m incredibly excited to meet!) and I can’t wait to hear some feedback. What do you think? Who would you like to see next?

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Yarn Bombs and Hot Tea

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Some of you might have forgotten that Saturday was International Yarn Bombing Day. Did you do any crafty vandalism? While I thought about yarn bombing my own fire escape (wonder what my neighbor would say…), I was actually stuffing my face with bar-b-que at the Big Apple Bar-B-Que Block Party. I can’t say no to free food festivals.

But, while I was in Williamsburg on Friday, I saw a yarn bomb by Hot Tea. When I read this article on Gothamist, well, be still my heart! Check out this fantastic yarny art by New York’s newest yarn bomber. While I love Olek’s use of crochet in her bombs, Hot Tea’s work is really awesome. I love the geometric patterns and very cool utilization of straight lines.

More photos on his flickr!

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Knife Skills Class!

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Guess what we did last week! If you guessed that we took a knife skills class, well, you cheated because it’s the title of this post.


Well, we took a knife skills class at The Brooklyn Kitchen. It’s my favorite kitchen store out there and their classes are just fantastic. A lot of passionate people are going there! I’d tried to sign Jon and I up for this class as an anniversary present in February. (I know, romantic.) When I called to inquire about the next class that wasn’t sold out the girl told me this, “Oh, there aren’t any.”


So when they tweeted that they had just posted new classes for May and one of them was this illusive class, I jumped on it. And I can see why this class sells out so quickly! Brendan McDermott, the instructor, is really great. He knows his stuff and is really entertaining. And, obviously, learning how to use a knife properly is essential. It’s more neccessary than you might think in making your food taste better (while remaining severed-body-part-free).

While we were researching some videos as a refresher, Jon came across this great video from Hungry Nation’s Working Class Foodies featuring Brendan and a little bit of what we learned.


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Williamsburg Weekend

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I moved out of Williamsburg a little over a year ago (It feels so much longer than that!) but it seems like there is always something new to discover there. The neighborhood is growing and changing and I’m realizing with every visit that I never explored so much of it!

Here are some photos of my last visit to the Brooklyn Flea. We also traveled to some fun stores down Wythe looking at gorgeous vintage modern furniture and old fashioned general stores. Below is a list of all of the marvelous places we visited!

Mighty Quinn’s (Brooklyn Flea) Pulled pork sandwiches
Moon River Chattel (62 Grand St) and Brook Farm General Store (75 S6th St) both fantastically-curated home stores
Mile End  (79a Hoyt St or Brooklyn Flea) delicious duck!
Two Jakes (320 Wythe Ave) and Cosmo (314 Wythe Ave) fab vintage-modern furniture stores

What will you be doing this weekend? Planning an out-of-borough adventure?

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