Chairs Chairs Chairs

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Oh my I really have had interior decorating on my mind recently! After spending so much time flea-marketing and boutiquing (are those verbs? Are those even words) I haven’t been able to stop dreaming about a sunny, impeccably-curated collection of furniture and art.

We bought a lot of furniture recently. And I’m proud to say it’s real furniture, none of that Ikea business. (Don’t get me wrong, Ikea is fab and cheap and good looking but if I never see another Malm dresser, I would not miss them. What I’m trying to say is, everyone owns Ikea furniture and it makes the design aspect feel less authentic.) The pieces we bought are really unique and they were a steal.


Anyway, ever since our new stuff was delivered, I’ve been staring at Eames chairs and wood re-finishing DIYs. And this chair. I think this Bookhou chair is everything I could ever want. But, of course, it only comes in a children’s size! If this were a big person chair, think I could throw out every other piece of furniture I own and just sit on the floor looking st this chair.  It’s gorgeous and simple and it’s covered in felt. I also think that Bookhou is my new favorite store.

Check it out!

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WIP: Larch Cardigan

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I am so bad! I promised myself I’d take lost of pictures and document every step in the Larch cardigan but, of course, I’m already half finished! So let me go back to the beginning…

I was planning on starting the Larch cardigan on my birthday which, of course, was the same day that Hurricane Irene decided to blow into town. Which ruined the big self-indulgent birthday trip I had planned to my LYS. Of course, I’m a terrible person for bemoaning my lack of yarn shopping. Hurricane Irene effected so many people outside of New York City. Which is why I was excited to buy the Larch pattern during Amy Christopher‘s sale for the Vermont NOFA Farmer Emergency Fund! (She raised $2410!)

Anyway, I love the color of Amy’s sweater and I wanted something similar. I finally made it to my LYS by myself which meant about an hour of staring at skeins of MadTosh Pashmina. Can I say for the millionth time that I cannot get over how gorgeous Madeline Tosh yarn is? The colors are so intricate and deep it makes choosing one so difficult! Each shade is like a completely different hue.

I finally ended up with Glazed Pecan which sounds as yummy as it looks. (And got my birthday discount late since they were closed!) Of course, I was so excited to start knitting, I didn’t even take a decent photo of it. Excuse my Instagram.


Within a week I was finished with the sleeves. I wanted to start with them before I dive into the more complicated bits. And, taking advice from Little Red in the City, it helps to ensure that my gauge is correct before I screw up the whole sweater. It also helped me ease into some of the more confusing techniques. (I’m actually working it on my gorgeous interchangable ebony Lantern Moon size 5s.) I suppose, best of all, I won’t feel like I’m not making progress on the body and give up with a sleeve-less sweater. (We’ve all been there.)

Also, I’m actually not stranding the yarn. For those of you that don’t work with hand-dyed yarns or have never had an emergency of the run-out-of-yarn-need-to-buy-this-random-skein-of-a-different-dye-lot-because-it’s-the-last-one-on-the-planet variety, knitting two rows from alternating skeins throughout will “blend” the colors and hide the fact that they are slightly different. (This Jimmy Bean’s video is the best I can share with you on stranding. I think it over-complicates the idea…maybe I should write a post about that!) I debated for about thirty minutes before I cast on about whether or not I’d strand the yarn. While MadTosh has NO dye lots, I didn’t think that any of the skeins looked particularly different from the others when I stared at them by a sunny window. As I cast on I thought to myself “You’ll regret cutting this corner!” as I so often do but I think I really lucked out!

I’m actually almost finished with the body. I’m really flying through this.

Aren’t you excited it’s sweater season!?

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Summer’s Over

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Hello, lovely readers. I’ve been very bad and I haven’t posted a thing in far too long. I guess life just happened and sock knitting happened too. Looks like I’m back just in time for pumpkin spice lattes!

While the warm weather is being washed away, I just want to wrap up the summer with these adorable Tattly popsicle tattoes. I think they’re so cute! And it made me think of the popsicle obsession post. Have one last pop and say bye bye to summertime!

I’ll be back soon. Promise!

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