Valentine’s Day is Coming!

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Valentine’s Day is coming! Usually I am a cynical hater but this year I am a real romantic. This V-day is my one year anniversary with Jon. Even though I have to work Monday and we have an exam in the afternoon, Jon is planning something really fun and candle-lit. Actually, it’ll be a surprise to me so I can’t wait!

In the mean time, get yourself in a romantic mood with this adorable video by Kinga Burza for Kate Spade New York. It was floating around the web over the weekend so I wanted to share it closer to the big day. I love advertisements disguised as art. I think most people are against that idea because it sounds a little conniving but why can’t ads get our attention from being beautiful rather than obnoxious?


photo by Peter Combe via Things Organized Neatly

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Viral and Adorable.

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So I had a fantastical post planned for today but I decided to take the day to clear my mind. Life hasn't been too busy recently but it's about to get crazy. Instead, let's go with something whimsical.

This Volkswagen commercial is making its way around the internet. I think it is really adorable. And it reminds me of Alex Brown's "Sad Vader".

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My stuff is driving me crazy. I’ve got tons of crap. I don’t have the time or energy to organize it. So it’s time to get rid of it. I’ve been holding on to things that I really don’t need anymore. I literally haven’t looked at most of it in months. New York is not the kind of place where you can collect things.

And besides, I’m redesigning everything I can and good design has no place for clutter. It’s time for clean.

Yesterday I went through my closet. All of my clothes and shoes and about fifteen tote bags that I got for free. My desk filled with ticket stubs and business cards and an old lease I wasn’t sure I should hold on to or chuck. I was ruthless. I’ve never gotten as much done in as little time as I did. It felt great.

I’m ready to just forget about the things that I’ve packed but I could use some extra cash. I’ve thought about going to somewhere like Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange but my clothes aren’t that nice and certainly aren’t new (and not in a vintage way) so I don’t think they’ll buy any off of me. I do have some other stuff that I am hoping to sell. I’ll keep you updated with how that goes.

I’m so excited to start with a clean slate. It’s time to downsize in a big way and I can’t wait to finish.

And if anybody is interested in buying a purple mountain bike that’s probably only been ridden about 15 times ever, drop me a line.

photo by Vladimir Kostromitsky via Miss Moss

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