Throwback FO: I Knit the Band

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Good morning, lovelies! Today we are kicking it old school and you get a special treat: we’re going to talk about me in high school. I’ve wanted to write about this for a while but it’s always felt overly sentimental (and there are some photos of me wearing large amounts of eyeliner that I was afraid to share) but it’s time! Happy Friday!

Throughout my high school career, I saw OK Go live somewhere between six and ten times. Always accompanied by my best lady Ashley! Our love affair with their music began just before the treadmills and paisley happened. We were those giggly fangirls who’s parents dropped them off in front of some bar in Hoboken, standing at the very front through all of the opening acts to secure a good spot for dancing. You probably hated us but you were those girls at some point, too. Admit it.

OK Go has always been really awesome and creative. They would do intricately choreographed dances at the end of their shows. Their music videos have become more and more experimental and wild over the years and they’ve always encouraged the same unbridled creativity from their fans. Last summer they “hosted” a summer camp where they asked fans to submit whatever projects they were working on, all mediums and subjects. Before that, though, back when I was going to their shows on school nights, they used to request fun gifts from fans.

They’d put out a message a few hours before the show like Bring us a hoola hoop! or Tonight we want socks! or something crazy and after the show, people would present their offerings to the guys. I never got into that but I was always jealous of my friends from Livejournal (Livejournal! This post is getting embarrassing!) who got to spend a little extra time chatting with the guys.

So I decided that I would bring them a gift that they’d love that was totally me. Something that could show them that they were really my favorite band of all time. So I knit them scarves.

okgo scarves

Yup! That’s me at age sixteen sweating like a sinner in church, partially from two hours of dancing but also, probably, from nervousness!

I charted their logo myself. (Creating colorwork charts was kind of a hobby for me then.) They were placed awkwardly at one end of each scarf. I made them all from Lamb’s Pride worsted yarn mainly because I had some stashed at the time. It’s definitely not what I’d choose for a scarf now since it’s so itchy but what can I say? The colors were lovely and it was within my slim budget and I didn’t really know anything about wool versus alpaca versus unicorns. I had a lot of fun mixing crazy colors to match their whole paisley thing. (Damian wore bright red pants.) And I really loved crazy colors back then, too.

I approached them nervously after one of their shows and pulled out each of the scarves I’d made. I must’ve seemed crazy but they were so sweet. Andy put his on even though he was totally sweaty from the show. Dan even introduced me to his fiancee who thanked me since he really needed a scarf. Damian reminded me that it was bad luck to knit for your boyfriend (a rule I’ve broken about a million times since but I’m glad he was looking out for me). It was pretty exhilarating.

Best of all, someone on livejournal (livejournal, again) spotted a photo of Tim rocking his pink and black scarf in a Boston paper and sent me the article where he gave a shout out the fan who knit it for him. It was awesome to know that they were actually wearing  them.


Regardless of the knitwear, I still love OK Go. Since that show, I haven’t talked to them. We used to be able to hang around and get a hug or a photo after they performed but they’re not playing those little venues anymore. Ashley and I go to their shows every time they’re in New York. We’re always dancing and singing and flailing around in the front row like we’re fifteen and we don’t care if you’re judging us. I forget everything about being a grown up and trying to act cool and I just let excitement take over. I can’t wait to hear what they’re working on now and I love seeing their fresh ideas. I’ll never not be a fan.

Thanks for being awesome, boys!

Have you ever knit for someone you admire? Do you like reminiscing about old FOs? Is OKGo not the most fun ever?

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Googa Mooga!

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If you’re eating bad food in New York, it’s your own fault. I truly believe that. There is no shortage of delicious food for every budget. Googa Mooga was the epitome of that idea. It was actually kind of a big food orgy of all of the best chefs in NYC. If this is the beginning of summer, the rest of it will be great.

Jon and I went straight for the Spotted Pig for a burger. April Bloomfield is our hero. And what a perfect burger! We drank the fantastic Brooklyn Brewery Googa Doc Pomus which was brewed specially for the festival. Amazing. We had a chicken sandwich from Simply Chicken by Jean Georges. Brilliant. I’ve neve had a basic chicken sandwich with so much flavor in it. And it had potato chips inside.

I think we’d had grander expectations for ourselves. We were salivating over the line up and circling our favorite restaurants on the map. But the portions were no joke and after the hamburger, we had to take a break. So we didn’t end up eating as much as we’d expected but everything that we had was absolutely delicious.

It was hot and we didn’t stay for any of the bands but we ate ourselves silly, drank to excess, and laid in the shade basking in a food coma.

Thank you, Googa gods. Let’s do this again next year.

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Hand-Made Music Video: Kina Grannis

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Wow wow wow, guys! My adorable co-worker Kristina sent me this super cool music video and it’s already going viral! She actually helped animate the video which took a year and a half to create! (Can you believe this?!) And, best of all, it was made using jelly beans!!!

I can’t stop asking her questions about it. It’s so complex and magical, I can’t even understand it! To give the illusion of singing, Kristina told me, the director would ask Kina to shape her mouth differently for each shot. She said that they were such slight changes, it was very intense. To answer some of your questions, check out the behind the scenes video!

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Love This: Beyonce’s “Countdown” Music Video

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Do you not love Beyonce?! I think she’s one of my heroes. She’s so fierce and confident! Don’t you want to be like her when you grow up? That being said, I think I’ve watched the new “Countdown” music video about 100 times! I love the homages to Funny Face mixed with modern hip hop dance.

I’ve collected a few things if you want to grow up to be Beyonce, too!

Scotch Naturals nailpolish in Troya, Pratillo loafers by Aldo, Merino turtleneck by J Crew, Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss in Infinite, Eames Molded Plastic Chair from Herman Miller

Be fierce!

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Weekend Listening: Man Man

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I can’t wait for it to get chilly so I can start mulling cider and wearing knee socks. One of my less-cliched favorite autumn activities is listening to Man Man. Something about the rough sounds and vintage feel remind me of wearing scarves and ankle boots.

Here’s one of their songs that’s floating through my head.

And did I mention that they did one of the Weeds intros? Those are my fav!

Do you listen to music seasonally?

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Happy Weekend from Those Darlins

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What a tough week, huh? I’m so ready to dance the weekend away.

I’ve been in the mood for Those Darlins and loving their new album Screws Get Loose. I saw them earlier this year when they opened for OKGo and immediately fell for their attitude. I love their raw style and in your face lyrics. Their music makes me think of The Runaways.

I invite you to kick off your weekend with this song. I think it’s only right to dedicate it to all of my ladies in film school who just want to be one of the bros.

What’s your tough chick mood music?

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Dramatic Looks and Butterfly Reef

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I just checked out the new Kirtsy! It’s really fun and reminds me a bit of Pinterest.

I saw this photo by Mario Testino for Vogue UK in a set curated by Black Eiffel. So dramatic!

Something about those big skirts and the clear blue water reminded me of my favorite movie, The Fall. Doesn’t it look inspired by Tarsem’s film?

It’s the most gorgeous film I’ve ever seen and I want to tell you all about it. I’ll try to keep it short! The storytelling is fantastic and the images are stunning. The performances are nothing short of beautiful. Tarsem tells this story of friendship, deceit, and fantasy entirely from the perspective of a child which is just brilliant! I can’t start talking about it or I’ll go on forever.

Oh my goodness. If you haven’t seen The Fall (or if you’re longing to sit down with some popcorn and/or Kleenex again like I am right now), take a look at the trailer!


What’s your favorite movie?

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For Your Ears and Eyes

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Happy Friday! Goodness am I excited that the week has come to a close! It’s time to relax.

I finally (and by finally I mean it came out two days ago) got to see the new OKGo music video for “All is Not Lost”. If you know anything about me, you know that I’ve been a gigantic fan of theirs since I was in seventh grade. I even knit them scarves in the dorkiest/most fantastic moment of my life! You remember when they caught on with the treadmill bit. Loved that. And I loved them before and I don’t see that ending any time soon. They challenge themselves not to simply make new, great music but to also be creative over a different mediums. Brilliant.

Their new video is fantastic. It’s absolutely gorgeous and exciting and still has the “How does Trish Sie do it?!” factor that all of their other videos have had. This is a collaboration with Pilobolus and Google Chrome Japan to make a great video with a beautiful message for Japan. Check out the new video. If you have Google Chrome, check it out at allisnotlo.st for a super cool web experience. If not, I’ve embedded it below!

And when you’re done with that, see this trailer to catch a glimpse behind the scenes.

It looks like so much fun! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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Weekend Listening

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I hope you are all sleeping in and having a lazy Saturday! I wish you yummy, warm bagels, bubbly mimosas, and as much sunshine as possible! I won’t take up too much of your weekend, don’t worry. I just have this song stuck in my head and I think it is the perfect song for a sunny day!


This is Metronomy. I listened to their first album about two years ago and hearing songs from it now reminds me of bopping past coffee shops in Williamsburg and feeling like a real superstar. This song is their newest single and it just screams summer to me.


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For Your Ears

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Hope you are all having a magical holiday weekend. I am so excited to have extra time to relax! But I’m working on an exciting project with the blog so I get to put a lot of extra energy towards it!

While we are all having a great mini-vacation, I’d like to share this song with you. I think it’s perfect relax/road-trip/lay-by-the-pool music. The band is called Starfucker and while their name is a little R-rated, this song “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” is A+.

Take a listen. I think it’s super fun! You might remember hearing it on a Target commercial and then saying “I wish I knew who wrote that song!” and then you said “Boy am I glad I stumbled onto it here!”

Happy weekend!

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