Happy Weekend!

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Here it is again! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend relaxing in the sun, maybe even reading a fun book. I want to spend mine just like this photo from The Sartorialist. Don’t forget, tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Can’t wait to catch some rays and do some stitching! Where will you be knitting?

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Flowers for You

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Good morning, everybody! This week is already exhausting and I’m really working my butt off. Jon and I are trying to cure our new goldfish of a parasite on top of everything else! I’m a little too tired to put together a big post for today but I’m actually glad I have a lull because I’ve really wanted to share this photo.

These are flowers my parents gave me for graduation. I think they’re just the most beautiful shade of orange! I wish I could give each of you some flowers today. I bet we could all use a reminder to stop and smell them in the mid-week hustle.

See you tomorrow!

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