Project 365 2013

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I am proud to share that I’ve taken at least one photo every day this year (so far)! I never thought I’d keep up with a photo-a-day project but it looks like I’ve managed to do it so far.



Now, I won’t pretend that instagram is the highest form of art. And I must admit that, since I really don’t want to miss a day, most of my photos are stupid and terrible slash pictures of my shoes. I’m ok with all of that. I thought that the challenge would force me to look at the world with a photograhic eye instead of just walking to work with my head down, grumbling about inclimate weather. I haven’t quite mastered that part of the project but I’m getting there.

While the photos aren’t always going to be spectacular, I’m doing two things that are really important to me. First, I’m keeping a photo diary. I hope that next year I can look back and remember, “Oh that was the 80’s computer elevator that was in that building we wanted to live in but we found a better apartment!” (I’m very nostalgic.) Second, since I don’t always have something to take a beautiful picture of, I’m taking a lot more WIP shots. They don’t have fantastic lighting or a dramatic depth of field but it’s nice to get feedback and I have this narcissistic idea that people like to see my progress. (Everyone that has a Twitter is a bit of a narcissist.)

Anyway, I’m enjoying this project. It’s nice to have a record of my life that isn’t as big a commitment as keeping a diary (besides, my diaries have always been embarrassing). Maybe I’ll even learn how to take better photos (of my food, because, well, you’ve seen the photos.)

Are you doing a 365 photo challenge this year? Are you following me on instagram?

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