Dreaming about the Knit House

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Jon and I are moving to Williamsburg in less than a week! Can you believe it? We’ve lived in Manhattan for three years now and I will be sad to leave our awesome little apartment. When I leave the building every morning, I see people jogging and walking their dogs across the street and I wonder how we got so lucky as to find a tiny home of our own, with the most famous park in the world at our front door. I’m always reminding myself that I’m not dreaming (usually, I realize I’m awake when I trip over the coffee table or bang my knee into the bed frame because, boy, is this place cozy!) and that this is my real life. (Am I gushing? I get really emotionally attached to apartments. I cried the night before we moved into this apartment. So many memories!) I’m sad to let this charming steal go but we couldn’t be more excited about the new apartment and the fantastic neighborhood. It’s changed a lot since I lived there last but so have I!

We’ve been making a lot of plans for the new place. We’re going to build some custom furniture and we’re thinking about painting the walls black again (since repainting the bedroom back to all white, it looks flat and sad). These plans will take some time and we’re on a pretty strict budget. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming! Here are some things I’d  put into my dream Knit House.

knit house

1. Knit Wallpaper by Fargerike
2. Mid-century Bed Frame from West Elm
3. Tripod Wood Floor Lamp from West Elm
4. Knitter Pouf from CB2
5. Caitlan Chair from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
6. Birgit duvet cover and pillowcases by Ikea

As you can tell, we’re going for a midcentury, dramatic look with lots of neutrals and pretty, maybe reclaimed wood. Our real apartment will rely much more on DIY but that will be a fun project for us! Also, if this were my dream knit house, it would have one floor just or yarn and six tape measures in every room. I couldn’t put those into the nifty graphic, but they’re there.

What would you put in your dream house?

ps. In case you missed this floating around the knitterverse: Ponies wearing Cardies.

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Happy Winter!

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Oh my I have big news! I’ve dropped right off the face of the earth but it’s because I have so much fun stuff brewing. I had big plans for gift guides and I’ve got so many FOs to share but that will all have to wait. Because we are moving! Jon and I have finally found a really amazing apartment for ourselves and no more sharing! Nothing is more stressful than moving so add that to the chaos of the holidays and I’m just slightly incoherent right now.

Anyway, I’m going to have so much after the New Year. And I can’t wait to share our first grown up apartment with you all. 2012 is going to be a very exciting year!

Hopefully I can squeeze in a few more posts before the holidays but you can find me on Twitter if you want to read a live feed of me losing my mind.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Jon gave me that adorable sweater mug for Chanukah. How cozy is it with a gigantic homemade marshmallow floating in hot chocolate?!  

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Design Lust: Lucky Number Slevin

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Hi, everyone! The week is almost over so I think it’s time to feast your eyes on some sexy designs!

I recently re-watched Lucky Number Slevin. I’m a pretty big fan of the film (that trailer I linked really makes it seem like a fluffy non-sensical action flick which it could be but it’s actually pretty clever). I think the cast is crazy good (Sir Ben Kingsley + Morgan Freeman x Bruce Willis = yes, please!) and it has one of my favorite running jokes: “Why do they call him The Rabbi?” “Because he’s a rabbi.”

Most of all, though, the production design is aces. In keeping with Tuesday’s post about wall decor, let’s talk about how obsessed I am with these wallpapers:

Every scene I found myself shouting about how much I loved them.

I hope you’re as in love with these as I am! I wish I had more screens to show you. They are so inspiring. So I’ve been hunting around for some Slevin-worthy wallpapers. Here’s what I’ve got to share with you!

Peony Apple by Graham and Brown matches the living room of the apartment Slevin is found in.

Check out Velusa which I found at this fun site Wallpaper from the 70s. I love all of the colors it comes in.

Graham and Brown also makes Vivid. It reminds me of those black and silver hallways.

It’s been so fun searching. I’ve found a lot of wallpapers I’m drooling over! You should definitely take a peek at Lucky Number Slevin, even if it’s only for the marvelous art direction. You will not be disappointed. I love the idea of decorating my place like a movie. Haven’t you ever wanted to jump right into a movie? Which ones would you like to bring to life?

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Want: Prints I Love.

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Good morning, everyone! I hope Monday treated you kindly!

As I’m working on redecorating the apartment, I’ve realized one thing about New York living. White walls are a drag. Painting is aways an option and I did that in my first apartment. I have to say, it made me incredibly happy and I think it really expressed my style (pink, obviously). But the process of repainting when I wanted desperately to leave that place and move on with my life was just awful. I’m not going to be doing any painting here. I used to have a big tapestry hanging on the wall but I needed something different.

Right now, I’m focusing on filling the walls with art. Here are a few of the prints from Etsy that I’m dying to get my hands on!

The Girl and The Fox by Amy Blackwell. I love the colors of this one and, of course, have a soft spot for illustrations of girls with red hair.

Knotty Girls by Anna Tillett Designs. I’d love to put this right over my desk for a little knitsperation!

Cow Cuts print by PRRINT. Our love of hamburgers and cows have us collecting vintage butcher memorabilia. I love this one because it’s written in Russian, which is one of the languages that Jon speaks!

Can’t wait to buy a couple of prints. Next I need some adorable frames!

What do you have on your walls?

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A Honey Pot for Design-Savvy Winnie

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Happy Friday, everybody! You made it!

Today I want to show you something we are just so excited about! Jon is a bit of a tea enthusiast. He was a barista and has a great knowledge of coffee and tea. He is an asset to weekend lattes and iced teas in bed. As a graduation present from one of his brothers, Jon received some great tea-making tools.

But this one is my favorite.

This stunning little thing is the Hive Honey Set from Biodidactic Designs. It is a honey pot! Yes, like something Winnie the Pooh might get his head stuck in. That is, if he wore glasses and helped Christopher Robin refinish his dining room chairs and then posted a step-by-step DIY of it on his blog.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it is designed to look like a cell in a natural honey comb. I think it is so interesting that some things in nature are designed with such perfection. And it’s amazing that nature can look so sleek and modern. I’m not sure if you could dream up some of the organic patterns that designers borrow from.

I like seeing the real honeycomb inside this beautiful glass one. And the honey dipper is designed to look like a bee-hind! It’s the perfect shape!

I’m so obsessed with this honey pot. I think it’s a wonderful addition to our kitchen. It just goes to show that in an age of technology, sometimes nature does it best!

While we’re on the subject: did you know that honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil? Knowledge is power.

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How I Spent My Allowance: Oxo Pop Containers

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When we started working on our apartment, we made a few rules. No more dirty dishes lingering in the sink. Chairs are not closets, put your clothes away. And tupperware without lids are garbage.

Because, really everyone, what is the point of having an unpaired piece?! There is no leftover storage in just a lid. You cannot carry just the bottom to work in your bag. They are lies and I cannot stand for it any longer! So I threw it all out. Everything that once held lo mein or burritos went into the trash. And it was time for an upgrade.

Look at these beautiful containers. I fell in love with them. We invested in some Oxo Pop Containers and I love them. It made so much more sense to use some well-made and design-friendly containers instead of beaten up, discolored ones that came with cheap take out.

I love that they are air tight. I’ve started using them to store flour, sugar, and other baking essentials in the pantry. It is so nice to have soft brown sugar!

Do yourself a favor and toss your old tupperware! It’s time to get your tupperware under control!

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Trash and Treasure

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What you are about to see is not for the faint of heart. In fact, no one should see this. I should pretend this never happened. I’m sorry, Mom. I cleaned out my childhood bedroom. And it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. Not because of the myriad of adolecent diaries and baby photos. It was the mess.

You see, I moved out of my parents house in a rather unofficial way when I started college. I left behind a lot of things I’d grown out of, as everyone does. I started using it as storage for things that I couldn’t use but couldn’t part with, things that I wouldn’t spare square footage for but could afford to shove into an unused closet there. My parents started doing the same with their magazine back-issues and clothing meant to be donated to the temple rummage sale. It became something of a place where unwanted things came to be forgotten.

Who didn’t have a teenage girl collage in their room?

When I recently moved, I brought my full sized bed to their house after months of complaining that the big bed there was uncomfortable and unreasonably loud. Since the bed in my bedroom was a twin, I had to disassemble it and then clear a space large enough for the new bed.

The twin.


It seemed like a simple task until I started going through the layers. I felt like the archeologist I’d always wanted to be as a child. Instead of fossils I was finding garbage. Ninety percent of what I found begged the question as to why I’d held onto it…or why I’d obtained it in the first place.

A cool Rocky and Bullwinkle poster I’ll admit to keeping and an unfinished cardigan of ugly design and unfortunate sizing.

Could hardly bear to part with my Pog collection.

In the end, we must have collected 10 bags that went straight into the garbage. It was quite liberating, I have to say. Vacuuming a floor that hadn’t seen the light of day felt long overdue. But I couldn’t believe I’d collected so many useless things. How had I held onto cards from my Bat Mitzvah? Why did I have fabric paint? Did I think that I would need all of those French notebooks from high school? I’m sharing this with you as a warning to myself. I can’t let things get out of control again. And you are my witness. I hope that you still love me and keep reading. I hope you do not cower and stop making eye contact with me. It was time for a purge. And it’s done.

It took hours but I’m so proud of myself for letting so many things go. After hours of work, Jon built the bed and now it feels like a real room again.

Happily ever after.

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Simplifying one step at a time…

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Like I said, life’s been too busy. No matter where I’ve lived over the past year, it’s been too small. The city is full of too many people. The walls might possibly be closing in and I’m pretty sure that the buildings are growing taller. I don’t have time to keep cleaning up after myself. I don’t have money to be spending on things I don’t need. I don’t have space to keep clothes I never wear.

That all sounds rather bleak. I am not feeling as down about this as it sounds. I’m just telling you how it is. Living in New York City means having less. But it also means Having More. (See what I did there?) In such a fast-paced, noise-ridden, light-polluted town, I need a moment to un-stimulate myself. And, ironically enough, I’m using my computer to do so.

Enter MinimalWall. Design-savy, incredibly simple desktops that are striking and sleek. And did I mention they come in pink?

I found a desktop that is my favorite shade! I love the desktops. I think they are all incredibly modern and, honestly, not annoying. Such a fun way to add to the details of my new life-beautification plan!

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