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Further Reading 3/28/14

Written by Sarah. Posted in further reading

I’m obsessing over this video by artists Lernert & Sander of designer sweaters being unraveled. I’ve read some people describe it as maddening and unsettling but to me it is incredibly delicious and meditative. Frogging a piece can be just awful but watching stitches come undone can be just as fascinating as it is to see them created.

>> Everyone’s been sharing this article so I guess I ought to as well. In case you were unaware, knitting is good for you. It’s meditative and relaxing. Imagine that!

>> I’m not even sure what to say about this Captions for Models in Knitting Catalogues. So weird. Definitely funny.

>> Franklin Habit’s piece about his first encounter with needlecraft brought me to tears. Really beautiful. Please send tissues.

>> I have my eye on Stashbot this week. I might wait for the ebook version so I can carry it around on my phone for impulse yarn purchases. I am definitely afraid of how it will help to enhance my stash. Not that that’s every stopped me.

>>  Here is my high school’s Handicraft and Knitting Club, class of 1942. (Thanks, Dad!)

What are you knitting up this weekend? How do you like that unravelling video?

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Nan Lawson Illustrations

Written by Sarah. Posted in art

Phew! How were your holidays? I’m still in a food coma! I can hardly believe I’m typing. Anyway, let’s start the week out with some eye candy, shall we?

I’ve been a fan of Nan Lawson‘s work for a while now. She’s got great illustrations of some of my favorite fandoms and I just love her style. Her draws are so delicate and sweet.

nan lawsonGreen Sweater by Nan Lawson

One of my favorite things about her work is the adorable knits that her characters wear. The textures and details in the knitwear are fabulous. It seems like she takes any opportunity to add a piece of knitwear to her work. That is something I can definitely get behind!

Check out Nan Lawson’s etsy here. (I really love this, this, and this knit print too!)

Who are your favorite knitting artists?

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Bow Down: Olek’s Biggest Yarnbomb Yet

Written by Sarah. Posted in art, famous knits, instagram, photos

Back in June, I stumbled on an exciting Olek yarnbomb in my own neighborhood! I’m obviously a big fan of her work and I’d always dreamed of happening upon some of it but I hadn’t expected to see anything so close to home since she’s always bouncing around the globe. But here it was! And there she was, walking down the street, wearing a crocheted skirt and embellished bag. I thought about running after her but I totally chickened out. Regrets, guys, regrets.


I took a few photos (including the one above which I’ve been using as a background on my phone). I was pretty psyched that I was up close and personal with one of her pieces.

But I am SO envious of everyone that’s gotten to see Olek’s newest creation: this yarnbombed train!

olek train

The train is located in Lodz, Poland. I can hardly imagine how many hours and yards were involved in this insane piece of art. It’s fantastic. I have no words, just so much respect!

olek train 2

Olek is quoted as saying “If the natural progression is to make bigger better pieces, what should I make next? Can someone give me a plane? Or should I go to the moon?” It reminds me of the Pendragon magicians (I was obsessed with becoming a magician in elementary school) who once disappeared a space shuttle (I was also obsessed with becoming an astronaut). Yarnbombed space shuttle, please!

What should Olek bomb next?

train photos via HuffPost

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Rogerio Degaki

Written by Sarah. Posted in art

When Charline sent me the work of Sao Paolo artist Rogerio Degaki, I was impressed. Colorwork is definitely my favorite part of knitting. And I love knitting presented in the context of art because it has such strong symbolism and connotations.

rogerio degakiCold Water

And then I realized that they’re paintings! And then my brain exploded. The level of detail in each “stitch” (if you will) is unbelievable. And you can even see shadows peeking out between the stitches as if it were an actual piece of knitwear.

rogerio degaki 3Untitled

I think knitting can be tedious but painting knitted stitches is a whole other level. I’d much rather knit something like this than paint it.

rogerio degaki 2Jacquard beige emerald

The idea of studying a piece of knitted fabric is so cool. Really looking at the way that light and shadow falls over each stitch. It’s absolutely incredible. I’ve looked at a lot of knitting but I don’t think I’d be able to draw stitches with such fine detail.

What do you think? Did you know it was a painting at first glance?

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