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Always WIP-ing

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I’m still working on my Maxfield cardigan. Here is proof. I want to finish it so badly! Especially with the weather being as chilly and wonderful as it’s been. I’m dying to get it off the needles. I had a few projects to complete before Katie’s wedding, so it’s been a little neglected.

But something’s going on. I have this feeling recently that I’m running in quick sand and nothing is getting done. I feel like it’s exhausted me and I just need to clear my head before I can keep going on. I just need to wake up and get going and all of my projects will be finished. Right?


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Famous Knits: Hugo

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I wrote this post a few months ago and I realized it wasn’t really relevant since Hugo isn’t really in theatres anymore. But since the film has recently swept the Oscars, this is completely perfect! Hooray!

Over Thanksgiving weekend I went on a movie date with my parents. It was fun and I always laugh at how engrossed my parent’s get in a film. (At one point, my Dad yelled ‘Oh no!’) We saw Hugo which I really loved. The film is a nod to the early days of filmmaking. (The trailers aren’t cut in a way that gives you a real sense of what the film is about. One of my biggest pet peeves is misleading movie trailers!) I thought it was brilliant that this history lesson was tied up in ultra-trendy 3D which brought in an audience that might’ve slept through it otherwise. And, of course, Scorsese is great, Ben Kingsly is just fantastic, film school rant over.

But, I’m going to admit while I absolutely LOVE Robert Richardson’s cinematography ALWAYS (oh my, he’s the best! I’m such a nerd!) the thing that really caught my eye was all of the absolutely GORGEOUS knitwear! Talk about nerding out!

The best part, though, was the knitwear. Let’s drool over that, shall we!?

Hugo’s father had that awesome knit vest. Blue and green and white. Loved it! And he was wearing that adorable striped garter stitch sweater with those great buttons on the shoulder. A few sizes too small.

But the best most delicious looking knits were worn by Emily Mortimer as Lisette! Wow!

Can you believe The Artist stole the Oscar for Best Costume?! Hats off to Sandy Powell for her work on Hugo!

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