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WIP: #kollabsockalong

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Today is my birthday! So let’s talk about socks!

Well, first I want to talk about brunch. And we will because (did I mention) it’s my birthday! I had a really lovely brunch at my place over the weekend with a bunch of my best friends to celebrate (and also as a very belated housewarming). I just felt super lucky to have so many people that I love there and FINALLY being able to have a proper party since we decorated a bit. It felt kind of grown up and lovely! My friend Holly made me a birthday cake which was so super special. I think that as long as I’m surrounded by awesome friends and family, this is going to be a great year!


Anyway, you’re here for the socks. I’m pretty happy with the way my first Hermione sock is turning out. It’s been a few months since I’ve worked on a sock, boy, I love sock knitting! Did I mention that before? I just love the tiny little needles and the shape. They’re so simple yet so complex!

Speaking of complex, I ripped out the heel flap four times before I was happy. I think that I was reading the pattern wrong but I  ended up knitting the WS on the RS (kind of wish that the pattern had specified which rows were which) a few times and then I was worried that it didn’t look right. I was thinking that it should look like a regular slipped stitch heel (so, more like a faux ribbing) than the eye of patridge (more of a dimple texture). Jill and I chatted about it and she set me straight. I was just over-complicating things.


I’m not much of a top-down sock knitter. I really love my toe-up socks. But this pattern is starting to sway me. The garter stitch edge to the heel flap makes picking up gusset stitches seamless. Everything looks so neat. I absolutely love it! I will be making all of my heel flaps with garter stitch borders from now on, thank you very much.


Now, I want to talk about turning the heel. Turning a heel is just like knitting magic. It’s like turning a boring tube or a flat piece of fabric into a three dimensional object. I mean, it was always 3D, obviously, but I mean something that goes from being just a blob of stitches to being an actual recognizable garment. It’s like origami with needles. Is there any other knitting technique that is as satisfying and simple yet clever and ingenious!? I’d love to hear what you think. I don’t really know how to explain it but if you’ve done it before, you know what I mean.

The best comparison I’ve got for you (and it’s not very good but, hear me out) is that moment when building a ship in a bottle (I’ve never done this but I’ve seen it on TV) when you pull the string and the whole thing stands up and you’re like, “Yay! Look it’s a ship! Magic!” That’s what turning a heel feels like. (Yes, I Youtubed ships in bottles. It’s my birthday, you cannot judge.)

Long story short, I hope you’re all uploading your sock progress to Kollabora! I want to see more sock photos! I demand sock photos! My birthday wish is more sock photos and world peace and to eat a piece of chocolate cake for dinner. Three birthday wishes!

Also, and possibly most importantly of all! Jill is still offering free shipping to everyone in the US using code KOLLABORATION13. It is not too late to cast on a pair so check her shop out!

How are your socks coming along?

ps. Since we’re talking coupon codes, turns out Bristol Ivy and I have the same birthday! I must encourage you to buy one of her gorgeous patterns since she’s having a birthday sale! 28on28 for 28% off! Happy birthday, Bristol!

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This Weekend: Vogue Knitting Live!

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Happy weekend everyone! WHO IS EXCITED FOR VOGUE KNITTING LIVE!? This girl! If anyone spots me there, come say hey! (I’ll probably be wearing my Larch Cardigan.) I want to meet as many knitters as I can! This is my first VK Live and I don’t even know what to expect. But I plan on petting a lot of yarn and learning a lot.

Last weekend, Jon and I had brunch at Mari Vanna in Union Square with some friends. We’ve had dinner there before but this may have been my favorite brunch ever! $35 bought each of us a buffet of delicious Russian classics and unlimited mimosas! And they were not shy about refilling our glasses. They also infuse their own vodkas which are delicious and they look beautiful. We stayed for four hours…I think that means it’s good! If you’re looking for a fantastic brunch while you’re in town for VK Live, stop by Mari Vanna! Amazing.

What classes are you taking at VK Live? Is this your first time, too?

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Have a Brunch-filled Weekend!

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It’s been a long week, huh? It’s dark out at 4:30, I’m having a fierce knitting vs. vacuuming battle, and I just burnt my hand on the toaster. That being said, I’m so excited for this weekend! It’s my mom’s birthday and I have all kinds of fun errands planned!

Here’s a photo of the ceiling at The Whitney. Last weekend we had a big brunch party at Untitled. It was wonderful. The place is super cool and small and not too expensive. It’s a great brunch atmosphere and the perfect lead-up to a fun afternoon at the museum.

How cool are those lamps? What are your plans for the weekend?

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Brunch: the Heartbeat of NYC

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I had a fabulous brunch date with Jonathan and Ashley yesterday morning. If you live in New York City, you know that brunch is the most important meal of the week. I have spent many a weekend searching for a delicious brunch. Of course, yummy is easy to find. Cheap, my friends, is a whole other story.

I had my first brunch experience at Dante’s in Williamsburg. Amazing southern-inspired breakfast. It’s byob (paired with a bottle of $5 Andre) and as much free fresh-squeezed orange juice as you could shake a mimosa at made it a fun time with B.Unfortunately, I hear that Dante’s is closed these days. I also had an amazing birthday brunch at Diner in Williamsburg but these days it’s too cold to wait in line for pancakes and bloody marys.

I recently fell in love with the brunch at Ottomanelli Brothers which is probably the best place you’ll find. This little corner spot on the Upper East Side looks pretty unassuming and a little too old-school for my tastes. But looks can be deceiving. This spot is super cozy small and the food is crazy good and there’s lots of it. I’ve left there with a full belly many times.

BEST PART! It’s all $10 and it comes with all the coffee and tea you can drink and TWO cocktails. That’s got to be some sort of New York miracle. Ottomanelli Bros are butchers so Jon and I like to get the hamburger. (Plus we’re kind of hamburger freaks).

Look at how adorable Ashley is with her pancakes!

Two mimosas and a delicious, juicy burger…I’m a happy girl! Check out Ottomanelli Brothers and leave me a comment with your favorite brunch spot!

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