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Further Reading 5/23/14

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Starting off with something fun, there’s the teaser for Shaun the Sheep, the next film from the creators of Wallace and Gromit. Shaun was the star of my favorite Wallace and Gromit film, A Close Shave, so I’m very excited to see what he’s up to in this movie. Guess I’ll have to wait until next year! Some extra links for your holiday weekend are coming up!

>> In case you were hoping to buy me a gift but were short on ideas, this handmade hamburger bow would be awesome. I mean, just throwing that out there. (Thanks, Dana!)

>> Two big brands have recently announced projects for handmade/fair trade products. West Elm has committed to giving $35 million to 20 artisan groups that make goods by hand. You can shop for anything from couches to gorgeous drawer pulls that are all handcrafted here. Similarly, Kate Spade, Jack Spade, and Saturday have started a project called On Purpose. They are teaching women in Rwanda to make accessories for their brands in order to help them earn a living wage. While there are similar programs out there (I’m thinking about Ricefield Collective), I think it’s really important to give companies like these a hand for taking on these ventures. Sure, there’s more work to be done, but we should encourage these bigger brands to keep adding fair trade and handmade items to their inventory.

>> I’m really dying to make some of these little fabric bracelets. They look super simple and very cute. I like to make and wear friendship bracelets as soon as the weather turns but I always want to mix it up. Looks like I’m going to the craft store this weekend.

>> Have you ordered your digital edition of Knitscene Accessories? (No pressure.) Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes at the photo shoot for the issue. I’m always in awe of their hair stylists! And, gosh, do they have fun on these shoots or what?

>> I saw this recipe for tahini cookies in Martha Stewart Living and I immediately started to drool. I love the idea of using sesame paste instead of peanut butter in a cookie. Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe I need to make a batch of these this weekend, too. (Am I being over-ambitious?)

>> Knitty shared this amazing story earlier this week of knitter Eileen Scrivani. She loves to knit beautiful cable work and doesn’t let the fact that she’s visually impaired get in the way. What an amazing woman! Eileen is a New Yorker I’d definitely love to meet!

>> I am freaking obsessed with this handmade Clara Oswald dress! While Amy Pond is my favorite companion (ginger, duh), I’ve always coveted Clara’s style. This dress was absolutely my favorite thing she wore so it was very exciting to see that another fan had made her own.

Will that hold us over until next week? I’m hoping to spend the long weekend working on some upcoming posts. And knitting, of course. I’m still having some pretty bad startitis and general crankiness with everything I’m working on. There’s been a lot of bouncing from my sewing machine to knitting needles to cross stitch. I just don’t know what I want to do and I feel it kind of spilling over into the rest of life, like I don’t know what kind of music I want to hear on the train, or what I want to write about, etc. Am I in a creative funk? Or am I just overwhelmed by how much of everything I want to accomplish simultaneously?

Are you making time during the long weekend for crafts?

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The Burgerlution

Written by Sarah. Posted in blog spotlight, life, new york city

Vegetarians, I apologize. This post is about the pure carnivorous deliciousness of the American dietary staple: The Hamburger. I promised I would tell you what I was up to, this is it.

Recently, Jon and I have been on a quest to find the most delicious burgers in the New York City area. I’ve mentioned his project before but we’ve come a long way over the past few months. Jon and I are making a documentary about the evolution of the hamburger and it’s called The Burgerlution. He’s writing a really fun blog about all of the burgers he’s been trying out.  We spend a lot of time eating burgers these days and I think I’ve become a bit of a burger snob!

Last week we went to Bill’s Bar and Burger where we met with the Chef, tried some yummy cheeseburgers and also got to snag an interview with George Motz. He’s a really cool guy that also made a movie about burgers!

Here we are in action:

This weekend we’ll be shooting even more exciting stuff for the film. I’m having such a good time making this movie. There is a whole world of special hamburger foodies out there and it’s really cool to meet them and learn things about hamburgers that had never crossed my mind when I was chowing down on a Happy Meal back in the day. Not only am I proud to be involved in the project but it is really great to be working side-by-side with someone I trust and understand. It makes the whole process feel like less work and a lot more love.

In the kitchen with Chef Brett Reichler (photo by @MotzBurger)

The film will be premiering in May! I’ll update you closer to the event so you can all come out and sink your teeth into a juicy film (I hope I never write another pun on this blog). Until then, check out the film’s blog The Burgerlution to see some of the other places we’ve visited or follow us on twitter @TheBurgerlution!

(featured photo is the delicious Bill’s Bar and Burger Maytag Blue and Bacon burger!)

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Blog Spotlight: Burgerlution

Written by Sarah. Posted in blog spotlight, new york city

Along with showcasing the projects I’m working on and sharing recipes and patterns, I want to tell everyone about the projects my friends are working on and the blogs I’m reading.

Right now, I want to tell you about Jon’s blog Burgerlution which is an outlet for his hamburger obsession. Jon and I are making a documentary about burgers and you can find out more about it and the delicious patties he’s eating on his blog.

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