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Garter Stitch Seams

Written by Sarah. Posted in knits

Happy weekend everyone! The weather here is pretty crummy as usual. I hope you’re all splashing in puddles!

I wanted to pick up on something I mentioned yesterday. When I started putting together my afghan, I realized that I didn’t know exactly how to cleanly and invisibly sew it all together. It’s really embarrassing to admit that I’ve been knitting for almost eight years now with sloppy seams. So don’t tell anyone! But it’s not every day that you seam in garter stitch. I certainly hadn’t done it before.

The seams in my afghan, as I mentioned earlier, weren’t simple and straightforward. They really were all different combinations and by that I mean all of the rows I was trying to sew together were headed in different directions.

Now, I think that YouTube is the second best resource for knitters (Ravelry being the first, OF COURSE) so that’s where I headed. I know it’s possible to learn how to knit through pictures and books (I certainly have picked up some techniques and stitches that way, don’t get me wrong) but knitting has been passed down since the Egyptians invented it (at least that’s what Wikipedia says) by one knitter showing someone else; physically showing them to put the needle in the loop, bring the yarn around the back and in between, put the point down through the loop and pull off the needle. It’s like old folktales that were once passed down over campfires and family meals. The internet really seems like the antithesis of this concept but here I am, learning how to seam from a master! That’s downright old fashioned.

Pretty cool.

Anyway, I think I was rambling there but I’d really like to share with you this video from Domiknitrix doing a crazy seam like the one that I used in my afghan. Hers is actually the under arm seam of a Tomten jacket (like Jared Flood’s adult tomten) but it connects two pieces that seam to be mis-matched.

I hope this helps! Check out her other videos for more seaming advice and some other cool instructional videos (intarsia!).

And I hope somewhere out there, there is another knitter that is embarrassed to admit she has awful seams. You’re not alone!

(photo by knitkid)

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