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I just wanted to share a little about the pattern adjustments for the little kimono that I posted last week. I crossed my fingers and made a wish and I think it worked because it seems to fit!

(I’m also taking the opportunity to use this post for WIP photos since I was keeping the whole project under wraps before.)


The pattern is for a newborn. But I loved everything about it so I had to make it. I love the Japanese influence and the shape and I also liked that it looked pretty simple to execute since it’s only three pieces. (My favorite part of crafting is making things that are pretty basic look really difficult and expensive.)

Here’s how I enlarged the pattern: First of all, I still have a knitting mind which thinks that I should just adjust the gauge for a bigger shirt! Wrong! Second, I do not have access to a baby that I can use for measurements or adorable viral dance videos. Therefore I went onto the Google and found that the chest measurement for a 12-18 month baby is about 20 inches. (It would be wonderful if someone with more baby experience could confirm this for me for future reference.)

 Warning: Craft Math ahead…

The back panel of the shirt measures 8 1/2 inches so the chest circumference of the shirt is 17 inches. I found the difference between the 12-18 month circumference and the newborn (20-17=3″) and then found what percentage that is of the large shirt (3/20=15%). Then I photocopied the pattern onto legal paper at 115%. I have a vague memory of someone telling me I could do that to make patterns bigger. Well, you can. I just said you could. (Read: I am not an expert.) I think I settled on 125% to give myself some more room for seam allowances and growth.
Overall, it turned out pretty well. It was a good place to try out a pattern adjustment since it was so small and the shape is pretty simple. I think with all of the challenges, I feel much more confident.
Do you adjust patterns often? Does it make you nervous?

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FO: Baby Kimono

Written by Sarah. Posted in baby, design, DIY, gift, sewing, style

Last week Jon’s nephew (who received this blanket when he was born) turned 1! He is practically a real person now. I thought I’d try out my new sewing skillz (with a z, yes) to make my little boyfriend a birthday present.

This was my second sewing project after the skirt and I challenged myself here but I think I’m really starting to get the hang of this sewing thing! Big pats on the back to myself.

The pattern is the Purl Bee’s newborn kimono. I made some adjustments in terms of size (obviously, he’s not a newborn anymore…more on that in another post) and I tackled a French seam for the first time (it wasn’t perfect but that’s life!). The bias tape was a bigger challenge than expected but I like how it turned out. And it took me four times but I sewed a snap on for the first time. Those little bastards are tricky.

I love the organic fabric from Cloud9. (I think I bought a 1/2 yd more than the pattern called for since I was adjusting the size and I was terrified I’d cut something wrong!) Two of Jon’s brother’s favorite things are fishing and Japan so the sail boat kimono was perfect for his son.

Not too shabby for a beginner, huh? Any tips on size adjustments? Isn’t sewing for babies fun?

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