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I Learned to Make Granny Squares!

Written by Sarah. Posted in crochet, granny square

The votes are in! It was a tight race but you guys decided that I should learn to crochet granny squares. And, boy, have I!

granny squares

I pulled out some stash yarn and experimenting with basic granny square patterns. Quickly, I realized that I really didn’t know how to crochet at all. Whenever I ran into something I didn’t know how to do (double crochet? triple crochet??), I’d check YouTube and figure it out. (I tend to use Lion Brand’s videos. It’s important to use a quality source that you can trust when you’re learning online.) It was remarkably easy to learn. I can’t believe it took me so long to try it.

I didn’t have much leftover yarns that matched each other but I ended up making around 20 granny squares in a week. They’re ADDICTIVE. Who knows what I’m going to do with all of these mismatched granny squares (I said, “I’ll make a bunting!” a hundred times. I do not need more than one granny square bunting.) There are lots of free patterns that I’ve been trying out and I’ve been getting so much inspiration from this Pinterest board. I couldn’t stop. The different shapes really excite me, circles inside of hexagons, flowers inside squares. Each one feels kind of magical. I’m really obsessed with this sunburst pattern. I’ve made so many of them.

I’m not very good at crochet yet. I don’t know which hook to use with which weight yarn the way that I would with knitting needles. I’m not terribly fast since (yet). There are some other things that make me feel like I won’t be giving up knitting any time soon. But in the end, I’m loving the finished product. I’m definitely going to make a lot more granny squares. And, seriously, I love that new-craft feeling. I keep holding granny hexagons up in Jon’s face and yelling, “I did that! Look!” That feeling never gets old.

Will you learn to make granny squares? Have you tried them? Did you think they were easy?

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Knife Skills Class!

Written by Sarah. Posted in Brooklyn, cooking, food, life, movies, new york city, recipe

Guess what we did last week! If you guessed that we took a knife skills class, well, you cheated because it’s the title of this post.


Well, we took a knife skills class at The Brooklyn Kitchen. It’s my favorite kitchen store out there and their classes are just fantastic. A lot of passionate people are going there! I’d tried to sign Jon and I up for this class as an anniversary present in February. (I know, romantic.) When I called to inquire about the next class that wasn’t sold out the girl told me this, “Oh, there aren’t any.”


So when they tweeted that they had just posted new classes for May and one of them was this illusive class, I jumped on it. And I can see why this class sells out so quickly! Brendan McDermott, the instructor, is really great. He knows his stuff and is really entertaining. And, obviously, learning how to use a knife properly is essential. It’s more neccessary than you might think in making your food taste better (while remaining severed-body-part-free).

While we were researching some videos as a refresher, Jon came across this great video from Hungry Nation’s Working Class Foodies featuring Brendan and a little bit of what we learned.


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