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Further Reading 6/20/14

Written by Sarah. Posted in further reading

stephen west

I’ve never knit any of Stephen West’s patterns. Honestly, I’m not really into shawls, guys. I’m very open about this. I love his style and his crazy photos. What he’s doing is very exciting in the knitting world and that deserves respect! But I’m loving this new pattern, Dotted Rays, especially since it can be made with lots of different weights and in a few sizes. This has jumped into my queue. I’m totally looking forward to making my first Stephen West shawl!

>> Back on my soap box about why people aren’t concerned about where their clothes come from anymore. Here’s a little analysis from Jezebel about a recent article on the subject. Some good points in there.

>> This music video is so cool. It’s made of stop-motion panels that are embroidered!!!

>> I really hope these gigantic pom pom outfits from Sibling’s SS15 collection become a thing. POM POMS FOR EVERYONE.

>> I’ve been in a bit of a rut recently. I’m having some trouble getting motivated mixed with a lack of inspiration. I don’t know what’s causing it, I’d call it a lack of focus. Anyway, Jon suggested I watch some movies because that usually gets me back in creating mode. Watching the OK Go music video for their new song “The Writing’s on the Wall” a few times has certainly helped. They’ve done it again and it’s got my gears going. Hope it’s just what I needed!

>> Barack Obama proclaimed Wednesday National Day of Making!

I’ve got a lot of stuff on my needles and I think it’s time to sort them all out. I’m hoping to put things in order this weekend. It would be nice to finish one or two of them! What are you working on?

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Super Simple Screenprinting

Written by Sarah. Posted in DIY

Jon was cruising LifeHacker this weekend. It’s such a fantastic, tech-savy DIY blog. It’s like crafting for nerdy boys. I’m a fan. I made him watch this instructional video. If I ever have a kid, I think she’ll be bubbly, clever, and creative like Mini-Maker Sylvia. She reminds me of the title character of B’s film Dot, which is now making the festival rounds.

Featured on Make’s online magazine, Sylvia shares how to screen print using budget-friendly tools. It’s so easy a kid can do it.

I haven’t tried this DIY yet but it looks like so much fun. As a big stencil-er in high school, I’ve always aspired to screen printing. Once things die down with work and redecorating (update about that coming soon), I will attempt this project. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy the adorable video.

I’d love to see some other home-grown screen prints. Anybody have one?

photo by ATOZ

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