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Steal This Knit: Janelle Monae

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I love music videos. I could watch them all day. I credit this OK Go music video (by the director of the next Hunger Games movie…time flies!) with inspiring me to go to film school. Not sure how effective that was since now I’m stitching more than I’m shooting. But I still have a passion for music videos. They can be over the top or super simple. They can have cinematic plots or just be a collection of images. There’s just a ton of freedom in them.

If you’re like me and you love music videos, you’ll love the new one for Janelle Monae’s Q.U.E.E.N. featuring Erykah Badu. It features my favorite colors: black and white (I’m aware those probably don’t qualify as colors) and some stunning pieces of clothing. The song itself is fantastic and catchy. Monae is all about individuality and it feels so genuine.

I’ve always been really struck by Janelle Monae’s style. I love that she almost always rocks masculine looks like tuxedos and bow ties. I’m a bit of a tomboy when it comes to clothes so I’m glad she’s doing it well and making that look accessible for girls. (Plus her explanation that her clothing is her uniform and she’s emulating her hard-working family is amazing. Love an artist that isn’t afraid a big message!)

Watching the video, I loved the use of these striped black and white dresses. The crazy black and white background mixing with the fabric makes for a kind of brain teaser and cutting between lots of stripes and the stripes in front of a white back drop is really stunning.The way that the stripes are off set really makes these dresses so interesting to look at.

janelle monae queen 2

I’m really glad that the black and white mod look is coming back right now. It’s really bold but also easy to wear.

janelle monae queen

But, hey, those stripes look familiar. Don’t they bring to mind Julia Farwell-Clay’s Albers Pullover that everyone’s been going gaga over? Those cool stripes are perfectly on trend! The pattern featured in Interweave Summer 2013 would look spot on in black and white. I might be putting this in my queue right now…


Will you be casting on an Albers in black and white? Will you be dancing to this song for the rest of the day?

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Maxfield Cardigan WIP

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When I posted about the Ishbel shawls, I was worried I would have to wing it! But the response that I got was overwhelming! I reached out to a lot of knitters on Ravelry and so many people were happy to be involved. I’ve gotten really supportive comments. You guys are the best! It’s really fun seeing my videos come together but when I feel that others want to be a part of it, it is even more meaningful. Thank you all!

Aside from editing up a storm and cooking some yummy stuff, I’ve been working non-stop on my Maxfield Cardigan. As predicted, I am obsessed with it. I am lucky I’ve left the house to go to work.

At first I was very nervous. I thought the stripes were too subtle especially with the variegation of the hand dyed MC. But the more I work on it and the more I see it in the sunlight, the more in love I become! The Malabrigo is softer than I could have dreamed. It’s really going to be wonderful to wear.

I’ve made a few mods in this first sleeve. I began with the 1×1 rib on size 2 needles instead of size 3. I’ll be honest, I did it because I wanted to cast on and I didn’t have any size 3s or time to swing by my LYS. But I rationalized this decision because I’ve been wearing my Pomme de Pin a lot recently and the sleeves are way too long and a little too wide for my taste as well. I think the smaller needles will make the cuff a little more secure. Since I was working on smaller needles, I added 3 rows of ribbing just for good measure.

The other modification I made (which you can’t see in this photo) after completing the increases, I decided to continue with the chevron pattern in the MC only. The pattern has you continue with the CC chevrons (making 6 sets total) but I wanted to make sure that the last set of chevrons didn’t look less pointy as I continue with stockinette stitch. I believe the sleeve length is 18″ where Amy suggests 19″ but, like I said, I was erring on the side of caution. Also, I’m very short.

This next picture is just because I’m obsessed with a nice shallow depth of field:

It could use some better exposure, though.

I think I’m off to a good start. I am loving the yarn and, of course, the pattern is fantastic. I think I’ll have this cardigan done in no time.

Have you cast on your Maxfield yet???

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Current Obsession: United States of Tara

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Alright, everyone. I’m going to come out and say it. I can devour pretty much every Showtime series there is. I’ve gone through all of Dexter. I think it’s brilliant. I spent a month over the summer watching the first few seasons of Weeds. I think it’s hilarious and compelling. And I finally experience United States of Tara.

Of course, I’m probably the last person in the world that hadn’t heard of the show, as usual. But I have not been able to stop watching. And, in fact, I spent the entire weekend watching both seasons. Now I’m eagerly waiting for the new season in March (and, for the first time not regretting cable!)

Anyway, I’m not just here to tell you about how I watched a lot of TV and you should too. I love all of the characters on the show and I think Tara’s teenage daughter Kate has made a great transformation out of angst and into post-highschool hi jinx. I’m really loving her wardrobe in the second season!

She’s mostly seen in her Princess Valhalla Hawkwind costume (seen above) but here are a couple of my favorites:

Kate’s new job lets her wear some professional outfits with a little spin like this playful polkadot outfit. I’m all about taking business and making it fun. I have a firm belief that you should have a big sense of humor when it comes to clothing. Reverse polka dots are not too outrageous. They make people smile!

I love this adorable vest and short tie combination that she sports in and out of the office. The back of this vest is pin-stripped which is just perfect.

You can see here a little better the best part about her vest. Those little faux-pocket watch chains at the pocket are such a great play on classic masculine style. I just love making masculine pieces sexy and feminine.

This shirt reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore. Kate’s certainly got spunk. Here’s the whole outfit:

I love it. So I went looking for some pieces to give myself a ‘Tara’ makeover.

How about pairing this tie from levicp11’s etsy and ModCloth‘s What’s all the Placket shirt?

And I’m loving this ModCloth Mod Couple shirt.


Now, fabulous people, I’m still looking for some info on the dress Kate wears to the wedding in the season finale. I can’t find a photo of it anywhere or I’d have you all searching for it. It’s super adorable and I’d love to know who designed it. If anybody even has photographic evidence of its existence, I’ll love you forever. Until then, I’m going to be searching for the episode myself to screencap.

Now, go! Watch as much United States of Tara as you can!

(screens by capslikewhoa)

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