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Ravelympics, etc

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Hmmm. Now that I’ve titled this post I feel a bit dangerous! Two things in the knitting world I want to touch on here. And they are both things that feel near and dear to me.

First off, I’ve been holding onto this for a while and I feel like now is the time to feature it! I’m obsessed with Shauna Richardson’s giant lions that were commissioned for the London 2012 games. When I saw them, I thought three things: 1. These are amazing. 2. I love that fiber art is getting an international spotlight here. 3. I’m so jealous, why didn’t I get to do that!?

image via Crochet Today

Now that we’ve heard all about that, item number two. The US Olympic Committee. Have we all heard about the whole “Ravelympics”-gate that’s going on with them? Three words: cease and desist. These guys are a real bummer. And while I understand (well, I’ll get to my extent of not understanding soon) that Olympic logos and even the name are in the grey area of things-that-should-be-public-domain-but-isn’t, the letter was kind of shitty and rude (as cease and desist letters tend to be). The idea that something as global (and ancient) as the Olympic games can be owned (in part) privately is a little crazy. And the fact that a logo that, in my opinion, should be considered as universal as the Union Jack, can be licensed out to corporations feels a little bit opposite of all of that world peace they are so quick to shout about.

We were forced to sit through class upon class dedicated to copyright law in film school. (Abridged version: hire a lawyer and cross your fingers. The rules don’t apply to everything ever.) Everything’s always up for debate so we were always instructed to steer clear of anything that was not entirely original. Public domain has therefore become an issue that I find interesting and mind boggling, especially as a person that creates and especially now where we have access to everything and the technology to mash it up and regurgitate it through the magic of the internet!

In fact, I think the best description of my feelings towards the mixed up world of intellectual property can be summed up here pretty awesomely. Further reading:

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

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