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Forget me Not: Kitchener Stitch

Written by Sarah. Posted in knits, new york city

I tweeted a few months ago that if I had a dollar for every time I had to look up Kitchener stitch, I would be rich enough to buy a yarn store. Well, I guess it will never sink in. I was just finishing up my pomme de pin cardigan (more on that soon!) which required me to graft the left and right fronts together at the top of the neck (the construction is really cool and totally unexpected. I think it’s really unique!). Of course, I immediately remembered that I can’t physically remember how to set up the kitchener stitch.

Like, if my life depended on it, I’d die. Or if Somalian pirates were holding my family hostage and all I had to do to free them was perform a graft from memory, they’d be lost at sea forever. And I hope that World Peace never depends on my kitchenering (I just made that up and I’m ok with it) because it will never happen.  I really hope none of these scenarios are true or else I’d better start figuring out if it’s purlwise or knitwise first. (WHICH IS IT!?)

I am so impressed with how much knitting information is on Youtube. You can definitely teach yourself how to knit if you were so inclined. And old pros like myself need it just as often as newbies. Mainly, though, for kitchener stitch.

photo via the purl bee

This post is a reminder for myself and everyone else. The Purl Bee has an amazing tutorial and it’s really pretty to look at. Thank you, internet, for keeping me sharp.

ps. Did you see Threadpanda’s trip to New York? Pictures from my super secret project!

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Fiber Art: Penguin Threads Book Covers

Written by Sarah. Posted in art, books, embroidery, new york city

I’m one of those knitters that kind of knows how to embroider and will learn as soon as she checks a few projects off of her knitting queue. Or finishes those upcoming holiday gifts! But this new series from Penguin Books is getting me itching to learn!

The covers for Emma, The Secret Garden, and Black Beauty are designed by Jillian Tamaki. So gorgeous! And tonight at Purl Soho, you can see the original embroideries and hear Jillian describe her work. (And to get us started, they’ll be giving free embroidery kits with every purchase!) See you there!

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Want! Yarn.

Written by Sarah. Posted in knits, life, want

I’ve been a busy bee this week (for more specifics, check out my post on The Burgerlution’s blog!) (oh and it’s only Monday). But I have finally had time to sit down and knit. It feels wonderful. I’ve missed you, beautiful afghan squares.

I’ve also had enough time to read Brooklyn Tweed’s gorgeous blog and reignite my flame for his absolutely yummy and unbelievably gorgeous Shelter yarn. I know I’ve mentioned it before. I was dying to knit my afghan with it but I couldn’t justify the price. (By that I mean I was far too impatient to save enough money for it so I went with something I could afford with my Christmas money.)

(photo from the Brooklyn Tweed blog’s mill tour)

But now I need this yarn. I am salivating over it. I check Ravelry for pictures of other projects knit with it. I wonder about what color would look best on me. I’m basically having a love affair with Jared Flood’s American-made yarn and I think the only cure is making this fantastic cardigan by Nancy Eiseman in either Hayloft or Tent…or Homemade Jam. Or Wool Socks.

I do not have a problem.

I am adding this cardigan to my knitting queue which is growing rapidly. I am going to save up and be a good girl so I can have this amazing cardigan and put my rabid obsession for this yarn to rest. Or so I hope.

I am also going to take my lunch hour at Purl Soho, rubbing my face in the different colors so I can finally choose which one to commit to.

I don’t have a problem.

(featured photo by Tara Landry)

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