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Further Reading 10/24/14

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rhinebeck ladies

I’m always forgetting to take photos with people at Rhinebeck. Forgetting to or too shy to ask? I never have proof of what I was wearing and who I was hanging out with! Well, Erin snapped a great photo of Ashpags, Amander, and me! Thanks, girl! I didn’t have time to make a Rhinebeck sweater (I never have and that bums me out!) so I wore my Hurrication sweater. Nothing starts your morning off better than walking into the kitchen in a house full of knitters and getting those “oohs” and “ahhs!”

>> Someone ought to revoke my nerd card because I only just discovered the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast. This episode about the invention of the sewing machine was very interesting. I imagine that the 19th century was full of patent frauds, curly mustaches, and tricky con artists/serial killers.

>> I’m loving this commercial with knitting Ashton Kutcher.

>> The (very brief) history of sheep at the White House. They’ve got bees now, maybe they ought to bring these guys back! Let’s start a petition.

>> Threadpanda’s Rhinebeck recap. Those photos. Yum.

>> The Stashbot app is out and already in the top 25 apps in the App Store! Very excited to have this tool on hand!

>> This article’s made the rounds but it’s worth sharing again. The true cost of a knitting pattern.

>> Missing Outlander? Buzzfeed’s got your Outlander wardrobe knitting fix.

>> Looks like this sheep was trying to follow me home from Rhinebeck. Sorry for the delays, everyone! (Imagine Homeward Bound but with a sheep, alpaca, and goat?! Let’s make this movie.)

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In Which I Teach Myself to Sew…

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I got a sewing machine and I’m already up to no good! I’m about halfway through the Sewing in a Straight Line One Hour Skirt. I saw the video for it a while ago and it ignited this desire to sew. It looks so damn easy! Just like pin two rectangles of fabric together and put in an elastic band and you’re solid. Easy. I can do that.

Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara – How to Sew a Skirt in One Hour from Rarebit Productions on Vimeo.

Here are some reasons why I can’t do that:

I completely misjudged the width of the fabric that I needed. I cut it about half the size that the pattern required. That was wrong. I realized this was wrong after I’d sewn them together. Guhhh. Luckily, I bought an extra yard of fabric that I used but it meant that the pieces were an inch and a half shorter than what the pattern called for. That’s ok, though, I tell myself. I’m very short, I can spare an inch of skirt.

I also don’t have anywhere to cut fabric. This is my cutting mat/ironing board. You’re right, it’s just a flattened cardboard box on my bedroom floor.

Cutting straight lines using shears without a yardstick is impossible. I should’ve bought that rotary cutter. Uneven edges when sewing two (theoretically) identical pieces of fabric together means that you are not sewing two identical pieces of fabric together and therefore the seams are all higgilty piggilty which here means they look like crap.

Finally, I realized I’ve always been intimidated by sewing not because it required investing in a piece of machinery that is rather large and costly (compared to most knitting needles) or the finality of an incorrect measurement when it comes to cutting fabric but because it involves lots of sharp objects. I was stuck twice with pins and that is two times too many, my friends. (I also bought pins with gigantic neon plastic flowers at the ends so that in the nightmarish event that one were to find itself on the floor, it could be easily identified and prevent injuries to the foot.) Furthermore, I am afraid of getting my hand sewn into the machine because that happened to my grandmother once which resulted in a call the fire department. She had to explain to the firemen how to take the machine apart while her hand was stuck in it which I have always imagined to be a gruesome scene.

Actually, really finally, I don’t like ironing and I’ve discovered that sewing requires a lot of it. I try to never wear clothes that need ironing and, luckily, I can dress casually for work which means that my wardrobe is much more ready-to-wear than most working professionals. It’s not just that I don’t like ironing (I mean, how could you not love it?), I truly believe that I am a sub-par ironer. No matter how much I press or play with the little temperature dial or fill the thing up with water, nothing ever seems to lose the wrinkles. (One day when I’m a grown up, maybe I’ll learn how to do it properly.) After you sew anything, you have to press it.

In fact, sewing might be only about 30% sitting at the machine while I’ve discovered it is 70% cutting not-straight lines, pinning fabric without drawing blood, and ironing things that were just sewn. On a cardboard box on my bedroom floor.

This is a terrible, grainy photo of the skirt. I’ve cropped it because I look insane and also like a sewing machine exploded all around me. I haven’t finished the hem because I gave up around 11pm.

Despite all of this, sewing has not defeated me. And, although my seams would lead you to believe that I was drunk (side note: drunk sewing sounds TREACHEROUS), I chose a black fabric with a pattern and black thread so that no one will ever know. So I’ve got at least one thing right. And, it is certainly not perfect but I’m proud that what I’m working on mildly resembles a piece of clothing. Although I’ve already spent about three hours on it (trust me, the pattern is not a misnomer, it’s all me), I feel like I’m at least learning how to iron.

What do you think? Have you ever had a new craft disaster? Also, anyone have tips? I can trade for knitting tips!

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