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Further Reading 2/14/14

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solja pom pom

Have you seen the new issue of Pom Pom? As usual, I’ve added every piece to my queue. I’m really loving Sólja by Anna Maltz. I love the lace detail. Anna’s designs are such a great mixture of whimsy and vintage style. I am a really big fan of hers. Which pattern is your favorite?

 >> I absolutely need a dress made of Soviet-era propaganda fabric. I don’t even mean it in an obnoxious, ironic way. I would wear the shit out of a tractor-print sundress. I’ve always loved how stylistic the propaganda of the USSR was.

>> This article about the 7 reasons that knitting will keep you healthy has been making the rounds. Can’t have too much of a good thing, right?

>> Have you heard that one of the Finnish coaches has been knitting at the Sochi games? Looks like the whole team is getting in on the stitching! I mean, you need some good knitwear when you’re doing winter sports.

>> I’m obsessed with Bob’s Burgers. How amazing is that show? I’m totally in love with this little crocheted Gene doll that got a retweet from Eugene Mirman!

>> This cable print Baggu iPad case is on sale at West Elm!

It’s been a very tough week but happy Valentine’s Day! Today is my four year anniversary with Jon. It feels like we’ve been together forever so I can’t really believe it’s only been this long.

What are you knitting for your Valentine? Remember chocolate yarns?

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Knits at the Olympics

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The Olympics are happening! Hooray!(?) I’m really not interested in sports at all especially ones that involve ice and/or snow so winter Olympics are kind of a drag for me. I also never have my shit together to participate in any Ravelry games so I’m just kind of no fun when it comes to these things. Sorry, everyone.  But you have to watch the opening ceremonies, right? I mean, I hate sports, but I do love interpretive dance, Soviet imagery, and these guys. So it’s a win.

Everybody’s been complaining about the American Ralph Lauren ugly Christmas sweaters slash cardigan that my kindergarden teacher definitely wore in 1992 that are the uniforms. Haters to the left. It’s time the world sees America for the tacky-ass patchwork quilt that we really are. I loved them. I would not be surprised if I bumped into someone on Bedford Ave wearing one of these under their 500 layers and gigantic mustache. (It’s still cold here in New York. It’s like we’re actually AT the Olympics, right?)

olympics usa uniformvia NBC Sports

That being said, the French probably had my favorite uniforms. I’ve heard people hating on that too but I want a grandpa cardigan parka! I’m coveting that Canadian Hudson Bay coat more than anything (feel free to donate $300 to my Olympic coat kickstarter). The Mexican team looked like a winter Mariachi band.

But you’re not here for my fashion advice. Let’s talk about knits, people.

First off, those sign-holding mini-skirted snowflake ladies (or many many Snegurochkas) were actually wearing really pretty (from what I could tell) cabled slouchy hats under their giant crowns. I always feel really awkward for the sign-holders but good for them! You were in the Olympics.

snegurichka olympicsvia The Wire

The team from Belarus sported these great hats and scarves that matched their flag. I had no idea that their flag had that cool faire isle-y bit to it (God, the opening ceremonies always remind me how ignorant I am to the rest of the world, so embarrassing!) but I really love it. They get the gold for best flag.

belarus opening ceremonyvia National Post

But holy crap. Slovakia’s matching hats, mitts, and scarves really knocked my socks off. I love the colors and hearts. So simple but just really cool. Good job, guys. Everybody go home, they won.

slovakia opening ceremonyvia

There were so many other countries with great knitwear. The women on the Iranian team had beautiful jewel-toned, sparkly hats. The Russians were wearing great turtlenecks I wish I could’ve seen more of. And I’m 99% sure that Tajikstan had three hand knit scarves. At least, they looked hand knit to me.

Which country had your favorite uniform? What are you knitting for the games? Yay sports!

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